Zodiac Casino Review 2021

Nee, Zodiac Casino is not a reliable online casino!

Read the findings belowingen of Voordeelcasino.com or go directly to an alternative for it Zodiac Casino

Zodiac Casino Review 2021

We have been getting more and more questions about it for a number of months now Zodiac Casino! The same thing comes back over and over again; is Zodiac Casino reliable, because the offeringen they give seem too good to be true. Just a small selection of the questions we get;
1. Can I really win a jackpot with a deposit of € 1, -? Zodiac Casino?
2. The casino looks very strange, is this okay?
3. Suppose I win the jackpot, will I get my money paid out?
4. If I win other amounts, what about this?
5. I don't see much about online casino licenses at Zodiac, how reliable is this actually?
Partly due to the fact that this apparently lives with online casino players, and because we ourselves find it super interesting to take a look at online casinos that are unknown to us, we have researched the reliability of Zodiac Casino. We also agree ourselves ingewrote + deposited money to experience what it is like at this online casino.

How about that bonus of Zodiac Casino?

It is indeed true that you can deposit a minimum amount of € 1 at this casino. We rarely see this at other online casinos, because it is simply not profitable for them. Apparently Zodiac has everything in order that they can afford this. With this € 1, you will immediately receive a welcome bonus of 2000%, or € 20. This percentage is also enormously high, but it is true. Normally, casinos give a welcome bonus of up to 100% on top of your first depositingen, which then amounts to at least € 20.
Well ... you get € 20 welcome bonus when you deposit € 1 into your account! This also means that you can run 80 times on the Mega Moolah Jackpot slot! This slot often has high prizes to pay out. The jackpot stands at 8.8 million euros at the time of writing !! Partly because of this high jackpot, this is one of the most famous games Microgaming.
So yes, with the € 1 you can win a huge amount of (at the moment) 8.8 million euros! We think that's a good deal!

Which License has Zodiac Casino

After a little search we found out that Zodiac Casino has a reliable license from Kahnawake! We hear you think: Kahna-who ... ??? Kahnawake is a small village in Canada (opposite Montreal where (apparently) many Indians used to live. This of course has nothing to do with the online gaming industry, but this license seems to be a reliable one. We have taken a good look at the application forms and This looks good! Also the list of online casinos that purchase a license here is getting bigger and bigger. Captain Cook's Casino stand. This online casino recently had another Mega Moolah Jackpot paid out of EUR 6.0 million! A licensee ensures that this is actually paid out to the player! The great thing about Captain Cook's Casino is that it is part of Casino Rewards and lets Zodiac Casino just fall under the same holding company! This also actually has an advantage over the reliability of Zodiac Casino!

General player reactions about Zodiac Casino

In addition to the fact that we always play at online casinos before we write anything about it, we also look a bit further than our nose. For example, there are various forums (worldwide) where players experience his / her experienceingen share with each other! We have also done this before Zodiac Casino and here we were shocked! The general tendency we read about Zodiac is that they are not too keen on paying out regular winnings! We found this very worrying. Of course you read negative stories about every casino, both about Land-Based Casinos like online casinos. But we have not come across them so much and so quickly about this online casino. In particular, paying out money won by one of the many deposit bonuses they give out is very low! This while these players (in their own words) have not violated any bonus conditions. Neatly done the wagering conditions, but not yet paid. We also came pretty much closeingen of accounts against for strange reasons! The customer service is often also not available for questions and / or complaints. This does not give a very positive impression. This samand with the strange look of the casino we find Zodiac Casino not a hugely reliable online casino!

Many players of this online casino also seem to enter through strange stories / advertisements on social media. Everyone sometimes sees them on Facebook, for example! Mac Donald's employee wins millions in online casino and see what he does with it !!! These types of stories that are of course not true can be very misleading for many people and we do not like this type of marketing at all!

Is Zodiac Casino reliable or not?

We think everything taken into consideration Zodiac Casino unreliable!!! The strange way of Marketing, the many negative player experiencesingen on reliable forums, the license that we have never heard of and the general appearance of the casino, does not make us feel good. We have been working for 8 years now samand with different online casinos and our feeling & research says that you are better off at other online casinos such as Turbo Casino of Justspin Casino! Here too you get nice bonuses, you can play on the Mega Moolah Jackpot and many other games! These online casinos have a 100% secure license from Malta and can always be reached via customer service! If this does not work, then springen we are in the breach for you and we solve it together !!

Frequently asked questions about Zodiac Casino

Nee, Zodiac Casino is not a reliable online casino!

Zodiac Casino is licensed from Kahnawake. We have never heard of this and it brings little confidence. Has a good license from Malta or the UK Zodiac Casino not. You need help with problems or addiction Zodiac Casino also not to be expected and the misleading advertisements of this online casino do not deserve a beauty prize.

This is also a mystery to us! This also triggered us to Zodiac Casino under the microscope.

Well ... theoretically it is possible! But this can of course be done in several ways. But the chance of it actually happening is nil. You can play on one of the best paying slots. Then you have a better chance of winning a lot of money!

These are quite a few! But if we have to make a choice in 2021, we will choose Lucky Days. Not because of special promotions, but simply because Lucky Days is a reliable and beautiful online casino!

No, most online casinos do offer support to play on your mobile. Apps are banned by the app stores, so you will not find them.

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