Welcome bonus

If you sign up as a new player, you will receive a welcome bonus at any online casino. You can consider this as a reward for your registration and a first appreciation of the online casino where you opened an account. The bonus you receive varies from casino to casino. So if you are going to play for the first time at a certain online casino, then we recommend you to first find out what the welcome bonus exactly entails. You should, however, only sign up at online casinos that suit you. This is much more important than a one-time offer.

Welcome bonus at sign-up

A welcome bonus may consist of several parts. For example, you can register at an online casino and receive a few free spins just for that alone. This is undoubtedly an offer that you should never refuse. This way you get to know the online casino in a completely non-committal way. Afterwards, you can always still decide to deposit money in order to receive the rest of the welcome bonus. There are several online casinos that have such an offer. In addition, there are various providers that offer a combined bonus package, which consists of free spins on the one hand and deposit bonus on the other. It depends on the online casino whether a deposit is required to unlock the free spins.

On your first deposit

You will always receive a welcome bonus for the first deposit you make. This amount is usually rewarded in bonus credit and is expressed as a percentage. There’s online casinos where the welcome bonus has no limits and there are others where the bonus credit you receive is limited to a maximum amount. In any case, you always have to take into account one important aspect if you decide to make use of a particular welcome bonus: each offer comes with a number of conditions.


A welcome bonus is subject to conditions and, again, these vary from casino to casino. There are a few common ground rules though, such as the fact that you cannot immediately make a withdrawal.
That would be insane, because then everyone would sign up everywhere, deposit money and immediately have their free bonus paid out to them. You obviously need to unlock the money first. It differs per online casino how much time you have to fulfill these conditions and how often the bonus money has to be


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What’s the best welcome bonus for you?
If you are gambling online for the first time or want to switch to another online casino, then you need to take the type of welcome bonus into account. The different offers are so diverse that you should first consider your own preferences. It makes a lot of difference whether you get free spins or a deposit bonus after signing up. There are online casinos where you can play for free immediately after you’ve opened an account. This usually means free spins for a particular video slot.

An example of an online casino where you can play for free is Royal Panda Casino. You receive 10 free spins for the Starburst video slot once you’re registered as a player. This is an amazing offer because it doesn’t require you to commit to anything. So if you eventually find that you don’t like gambling here, then you can simply leave and close the door behind you. And if you’ve decided to continue gambling, then this online casino will also reward you with a bonus once you make your first deposit. In any case, free spins without any deposit obligation are the best offer you can get.

Not all online casinos offer free spins that don’t require a deposit; in fact, most other providers do not. More often than not, the free spins will only be issued after your first deposit. A good example of a provider like this is Zoncasino. Here you first need to make a deposit in order to receive 25 free spins. You should note that, although this offer requires commitment from your end, the amount of free spins is significantly higher. The same often applies to the deposit bonus.

At Royal Panda Casino, for example, you receive a maximum of 100 euro in bonus credit and in Zoncasino that amount is set at 250 euro. Mr Green tackles in a different way. There, extra free spins are provided to new players as well as a welcome bonus for their first deposit. You get 100 a maximum of euro on the first deposit and another 200 free spins. For the free spins, you have to deposit and bet at least 20 euro in total. You will then receive 5 free spins for the next 20 days.

What the best welcome bonus is for you depends on your own preferences. For example, if you want to try out as many casino games as possible, then a lot of bonus credit may come in handy. Free spins are usually limited to a single or at most a few selected video slots. If you do not want to commit yourself yet or deposit money, then choose another option. We’d recommend you to search for online casinos where you receive free spins immediately after signing up. Do you want to benefit optimally and does it not matter that you have to make a deposit? Then you should look for the online casino where you receive the highest welcome bonus in addition to free spins.

Variation in bonus conditions
The conditions that are usually attached to welcome bonuses have already been discussed. However, these also vary per online casino and per offer. For example, winnings from free spins may be considered as bonus credit. This means that you have to unlock the money first before you can withdraw it. There are also online casinos where you can only win up to a certain amount of money with free spins. In addition, there usually are wagering requirements. These wagering requirements must be fulfilled in a certain amount of time. For example within thirty days. If you believe to have found an attractive welcome bonus, you should first read the conditions through. This way, you don’t run into any surprises.


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