The UK license for online casinos is issued by the British Gaming Commission on the basis of the Gambling (Licensing & Advertising) Bill. The gambling industry in the United Kingdom has a long history. Gambling was banned until the year 1960, after which the Betting and Gambling Act was introduced. In 1968, an amendment took place and the Gaming Act 1968 came into effect. There have certainly been developments in the world of gambling and certainly with the introduction of online gambling. This was the reason why the Gambling Act 2005 was introduced and remained in force until 2014. In November 2014, the Gambling Bill came into force.


The Gambling Commission is the body that can issue a UK license if an applicant meets strict conditions. The British Gaming Commission, however, is not only responsible for assessing applications for permits. There are more tasks, such as protecting players who participate in online gambling. The committee also has an enforcement task, in which action can be taken against online gambling providers if conditions are violated. Furthermore, it goes without saying that everything is done to prevent fraud, money laundering and other criminal activities.

As soon as an online casino has a UK license, strict requirements will have to be met in order to retain the license. For players who are gambling in an online casino that has a UK license, they can rest assured that they’re at a reliable address. The safety and reliability, but also the fairness of the game are guaranteed. If that is not the case, then the online casino will not receive a license. The Gambling Commission can take serious action against operators if rules are violated.


With the introduction of Gambling Bill in 2014, stricter requirements apply to online gambling providers. A new system for licenses has been introduced. From the moment the new regulations came into force, all providers must have a permit. This concerns providers who offer online casino games in the United Kingdom. In addition, these providers are covered by the tax system as applied in the United Kingdom. Until the moment of introduction, the regulations for foreign operators were less strict. The strict regulations are of course favourable for the players who gamble in an online casino that have a UK license.