Team Voordeelcasino

Hey! We are the Team of On daily basis to keep Bas, Inge, Nicky, Sam en Sadettin this website. You will find the very latest promotions of promotions of the online casinos, the very best casinos where you can play, samcompiled top 10 lists, great game reviews, game guides and much more.

Why this site?

Nicky decided a few years ago to improve his experienceingen with online casinos to write up and publish on the internet. The purpose for this was to share information with other online casino players. The purpose of in 2021 has not changed. Good and bad experienceingen with online casinos or with games can be found here.

The expansion of the team

After Nicky had been writing for quite some time, he came into contact with other players. These players would love to join and thus also his / her experienceingen to share. This way a nice team was quickly created Our team now has 5 heads and we all have our specialties.

Task distributioningen

As we mentioned above, we all have our own specialties and / or dingen that interest us most. With one these are the games, with the other the casino or keeping up with the latest news. Below you will find our names, photos and also our position within the team.

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Logo Bas


Casino visitor

Bas has visited many casinos in his life. Not only in the Netherlands, but all over the world. On he has his experienceingen described for Dutch casinos.

Everything about Casino visitor Bas
Logo Nicky


Casino Guru

Nicky is the casino review specialist He plays a lot in online casinos himself and is therefore also able to judge whether an online casino has its affairs well organized.

Everything about Casino Guru Nicky
Logo Inge


Promotion manager

Inge is very passionate about finding the best deals for the players of She keeps a close eye on almost every online casino to keep you informed of the latest promotions and promotions!

Everything about Promotion manager Inge
Logo Sam


Games Specialist

Sam is the absolute games specialist of With his predilection for video games, the passion for online casino games has not been missed. The best and newest games will Sam you always try to provide a nice review about the game in question.

Everything about Games Specialist Sam
Logo Sadettin


Toplist Wizard

With Sadettin in the team Voordeelcasino online casino players are spoiled with top 5 or top 10 lists! Sadettin compares different online casinos on specific topics and thus compiles a top list sams!

Everything about Toplist Wizard Sadettin
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