Real Cash Back Deals at Crazeplay Casino

Real Cash Back Deals at Crazeplay Casino

Real Cash Back Deals are the real deal for players who would like to see some of their losses offset. There are all kinds of cashback promotions, but usually it concerns bonus money that you receive as compensation. That updates Crazeplay Casino slightly different, because as a player you will have to deal with Real Cash Back Deals. Click here for the review for more information about this online casino. Check below what the cash back deal means to you.

Real Cash Back Deals up to 5.000 euros per week

It sounds unlikely, but Crazeplay Casino has Real Cash Back Deals, where you receive up to 5.000 euros back. You must have made a lot of fuss when it comes to loss. It is to be hoped that it will not come to that, but that you will have a modest loss and you will receive a nice compensation for it. That is also the case in this online casino, where you have different cashback levels. The more loyal the players are, the more generous Crazeplay Casino is with the cashback deals.

5% to 20% cashback

The first level provides for the possibility to get reimbursed up to 5% of the net loss of seven days. The minimum amount to be refunded is 5 euros. This also applies to all levels, as does the maximum amount of 5.000 euros. There are six levels in total and each level higher yields a higher percentage. For example, when you reach level four you will already receive 10% cashback and at level 6+ you will receive a cashback of 20%.

Net loss in seven days

Of course, it happens if you go to the online casino more often than you win one time and lose the other time. You visit on weekly basis an online casino, it can mean that you sometimes have a net loss and the other time a profit. In Crazeplay Casino the Real Cash Back Deals apply in case of net loss. Every Monday there is a payout on the net loss of the seven days before. If you are eligible for a reimbursement, the rule applies that you must bet the amount once. That's the interesting thing, because in many online casinos a higher wagering applies to release the money you received. So you are always a winner when you are in Crazeplay Casino is going to gamble. Even if you lose, you still get money to gamble further.

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