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Online gambling consists of playing games of chance on the Internet. You can do that for free without winning or for money with the chance to win money. It is a popular pastime that provides the necessary relaxation, but also provides exciting moments. Perhaps you have also taken part in a game of chance and bought a ticket or placed a bet online. This also falls under online gambling and you are certainly not alone.

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Various studies have been carried out into the number of people in the Netherlands who ever play or have played a game of chance. In 2016, the Intraval research bureau concluded that 88% of the population has ever participated in a game of chance in the past. Holland Casino commissioned Motivaction in 2016 to find out how many people gamble online in the Netherlands. That number comes down to one and a half million people. 800.000 of this number gamble online four times or more a year. 700.000 of them gamble online three times or less a year.

What is online gambling?
Online gambling means that you bet money through a site with the chance to win money. It is therefore a broad concept. If you buy a ticket for a lottery online, you are in principle already participating in a game of chance online. There are endless ways to gamble online. For example, you can also bet online on sports matches or play bingo in bingo rooms.

Online games
You can also gamble on video slots in one online casino or place a bet at a gaming table. This can be done in a live casino without being there yourself. This is called live betting. Poker is also a well-known game of chance. Not only luck plays a role here, as in the other games of chance, but also skill. For every game where there is a chance to win money, you must bet an amount. The limits for the bet vary from game to game. For example, you can gamble for 0,10 euros via the internet, but also bet tens of thousands of euros. Due to this variation in bets, a large target group is able to play games of chance for money.

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How can you gamble online?
You always play games of chance online via your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. In principle, you can gamble online via any device that has an internet connection and that offers the possibility to visit websites. If you want to bet money, you must be registered with the provider of the games of chance. The registration procedure involves creating an account that is personal. An account is linked to this where you can deposit money.

Pay in an online casino
Most gambling providers where you can gamble online offer multiple payment options. For example, it is possible to deposit money via a credit card, but also electronic wallets such as Skrill en Neteller are common. If the provider focuses on players in the Netherlands, chances are that payment can be made via iDeal. The PaySafeCard is becoming increasingly popular for transferring money and can be purchased at physical points of sale. Once you have transferred money, you can gamble online immediately and bet money on the game of chance of your choice.

Is online gambling legal in NL?

Online gambling in the Netherlands is only completely legal if the provider has a license from the Gaming Authority. Until now, there are limited options to gamble completely online legally in the Netherlands with a provider that has a license from the Gaming Authority. Most people who gamble online do so with a provider that has a license abroad. This is mainly due to the fact that legislation in the field of remote games of chance will only be amended in the Netherlands in 2017. The remote games of chance bill was already passed by the Lower House in the summer of 2016 and is now awaiting the approval of the Senate in 2017.

There are still a few points that raise some question marks, but if they are gone, the bill can pass through the Senate and be published. From that moment on it is also possible to apply for a license for online gambling from the Gaming Authority. Incidentally, there are already many gambling companies that have expressed their interest in a license to the Gaming Authority. The fact that it takes so long to implement the Remote Gambling Act is because the government wishes to protect consumers. Protection with regard to the fairness, safety and reliability of gambling companies, as well as with regard to the prevention of gambling addiction.

Where can you gamble online?
It is possible to gamble online through gambling companies that offer online games of chance. There are bingo rooms, casinos, betting offices, pokerrooms and lotteries where you can play online games or participate in a game of chance. In the Netherlands you are allowed to participate in games of chance from the age of 18. The range of online games of chance is not only large in terms of diversity, but also in terms of the number of gambling companies. If you start with online gambling as a newcomer and start looking, it seems like you end up in a jungle with thousands of providers.

online gambling at eskimo

A jungle where reliable and less reliable gambling companies can be found. We recommend that you only open an account if you are assured that the games of chance provider is reliable and offers games of chance via the internet in a legal manner. The website will then state that there is a license from the competent authorities in a particular country. With the introduction of the Remote Gaming Act, you can be sure that you will end up with a reliable provider if it has a license from the Dutch Gaming Authority.

Forms of online gambling

There are all kinds of online gambling available. The lotteries are the most well-known among the majority of consumers. You can automatically play online with several major lotteries in the Netherlands. That is an example of legal online gambling. You also have the option to bet money on sports betting via online betting offices or via online casinos. The online casino is an example where a lot is possible in the field of games of chance. Gambling on online slots, playing roulette of blackjack or gambling on video poker is one of the possibilities.

There are also online casinos where you also have the option to place sports betting and scratch scratch cards online. The online casino is therefore an umbrella organization of many different types of games of chance, especially casino games. Most people know bingo as a party game that is played at the campsite, in the community center or in a canteen and with which you can win great prizes. The bingo game is extremely popular and is even more popular online. It is therefore much more often played online than offline. This is because there is also a social aspect involved. In the online bingo rooms you can have a nice chat with other bingo players.

Sports Betting
Sports betting is popular. This is because many people love sports and some of them also like to take a gamble. You can gamble online on sports worldwide. Anywhere in the world where matches are played, you have the option to bet on it. You do this via an online betting office or via an umbrella online casino that also offers sportsbooks.

By opening a player account with an online bookmaker or online casino of your preference, the first step has been taken to bet on sports. After transferring money, you can choose a match or multiple matches where you want to bet money on. Both clubs, teams or players competing against each other will be quoted for a win, loss or draw. The most famous sports bet consists of predicting whether a team will win, lose or draw. However, many more special betting options are available. Football is obviously popular, but online gambling on other sports, such as inter alia basketball, tennis, rugby, skating and volleyball are also possible.

Online gambling in a casino gives you as a player an extensive choice to gamble on all kinds of different casino games. You may be familiar with slot machines in gambling halls or elsewhere. In the online casino you also have slots in classic form, but also in a more modern variant, such as 3D video slots. You will often find video slots in the total range. In front of roulette en blackjack applies that these can be offered online and live just like baccarat.

If you create an account in an online casino, you will receive a welcome bonus at many websites when you deposit money. Or, for example, you will receive a number of free spins as an introduction, so that you can play a certain number of times for free on a video slot. Furthermore, if you gamble online more often in a casino, you will be given the opportunity to use bonuses and promotions. Bonuses are usually handed out regularly and you can also save points, for example. Online casinos often have their own loyalty program for which you can automatically collect points by gambling for money online.

online gambling at eskimo

Most people are familiar with lotteries in any form. With the possibilities that the internet offers, online gambling allows you to participate in various lotteries. The most famous example is the State Lottery. The draw is once a month. This can be done incidentally by purchasing a single ticket online or by registering online as a subscriber to automatically participate every month.

Because it is so easy to participate in a lottery online, you can also buy lottery tickets across the border. For example, the German Lotto is popular, but so is Euromillions which is known as the largest European lottery. Registration is also required to participate.

Bingo is a game that has become extremely popular among a large number of audiences. Online bingo has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. It's fun to find a bingo room and buy bingo cards to play the game. However, the social aspect is most prominent here in all games of chance. Especially if you are a regular visitor, you get to know the other players who come to know more often through the chat. You can communicate with each other and, for example, congratulate each other when a prize has been won.

The prizes you can win vary per bingo room, just like the price you have to pay for a bingo card. There are casinos that offer bingo, but there are also sites that focus on offering the game of bingo. New players usually receive a welcome with a nice gift.

Live casino
The live casino can be found in most online casinos. If you have an online casino account, you can access the live casino. An image and sound connection is then established from a physical casino somewhere abroad, such as in Malta or in a casino studio, when you enter. You can log in to your account and take a look as a visitor. Then you first see the range of gaming tables and you can, for example Lightning Roulette, power blackjack of baccarat Selecting.

There are also more live casino games available, but that varies per live casino. If you have selected a gaming table, you will see a gaming table with a dealer behind it. Chat with other players and with the dealer is possible. The working language of the dealers is generally English. Online gambling offers many people the chance to have a good time and the chance to win money.

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