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A cashback bonus is a unique type of casino bonus since you receive money back when you lose. That ultimately makes everyone who goes gambling online and uses this offer in part a winner. Of course, it’s even better if you do not qualify for a cashback bonus. This means that you didn’t lose, but won money. However, if you are unlucky while gambling, then it is great if there is a special offer that is right for you.


We’ve already explained it briefly, but let’s dive into the details. Let’s start with an example. If an online casino offers a cashback bonus, then the percentage varies between 10 percent or 25 percent, for example. Are you gambling and did you end your play session with a loss? If the cashback bonus is 10 percent and you have lost 100 euro in total, you’ll receive 10 percent of your loss.

This means you will receive 10 euro on your balance. If the bonus percentage of the cashback promotion is set at 25 percent, you would get 25 euro back on your balance in this case. Did you close your play session with a profit? Then you should of course be happy and won’t be receiving anything through the cashback promo. You haven’t qualified for it. Special conditions may apply to cashback bonuses.


If the cashback for your loss is given to you in bonus credit, then you must comply with the bonus conditions to make the money completely yours. If the compensation for loss is awarded as cash, then the money is immediately yours and does not need to be unlocked before you can withdraw it. Every online casino can of course set different rules for their cashback bonus. If it’s your first time making use of such a promotion, then we highly recommend you to go through the rules and conditions. This will prevent surprises or disappointments afterwards.

Something else you may need to take into account is that a cashback bonus usually has a maximum amount. This could, for example, be an amount of 25 euro, but also 50 euro or 100 euro in a set period of time. Cashback bonuses always are attractive, but as a player you naturally want to win money and not be the one who benefits from a cashback bonus. However, if the offer is on the table and you close, then the money you get back is (no pun intended) a great bonus.


It goes without saying that there are advantages for you as a player to a cashback bonus. If you are going to play at an online casino with such a bonus on offer, then you are always a winner, even if you end up losing money. Since you’re compensated for the loss you’ve taken, you win back a part. You would not have recovered that money if all your own money had been lost. The only thing you can do in such a situation is to deposit more money in your player account. This obviously isn’t desirable as we recommend you to have a fixed budget. In case of loss, you normally take the loss and return to the online casino at another time.

In case of loss, a cashback bonus acts as a plaster on the wound. It is, of course, a shame that you have lost all your money, but the consolation is that you still get a part of your loss compensated. This means that you can continue gambling once you’re awarded the bonus money. Incidentally, you have to take into account that there may be some time in between. For example, if you lose money today and there is a cashback bonus promotion, you will usually not receive the bonus money immediately after all your money has been lost. This may, for example, take a day. Then you have at least the prospect of returning to the online casino the next day. That in itself is also an advantage, because if your luck isn’t at its best on one day, then it may be different on the next.


We’ve also talked briefly about the percentage that a cashback bonus may consist of. In general, a certain percentage is applied for this type of casino bonuses. How high this percentage varies between online casinos. Moreover, the percentage can also differ per promotion. You should therefore not always expect the same percentage at the online casino where you’re a frequent visitor. One promotion might feature a higher cashback percentage than the other. If the cashback bonus offer is an integral part of the reward program of the casino where you’re playing, then there usually is a fixed percentage.

At online casinos where a cashback bonus is active by default on a certain day of the week, that day is often most popular among players. This is, of course, due to the fact that players are guaranteed a compensation if they make a loss. Cashback bonuses have always been popular among players. Everyone who gambles at online casinos wants to win money. One time this might be the case, but other it might not.

If it just happens that you had bad luck, then there will always be money waiting for you. Please keep in mind that not all online casinos offer such a bonus. is an example of an online casino where you can count on a cashback bonus every week. The percentage of your loss that is compensated is also quite high as the bonus percentage is set at 25%. There are plenty more casinos on where you’re guaranteed to earn back part of your losses. Do you like to have some extra security if you lose whilst gambling? Then we recommend you to play in an online casino that has a cashback promo on offer.

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