Live casino game shows: 5x the best

Live casino game shows: 5x the best

Live casino game shows can be played in the live casino. These are spectacular game shows where you can bring an evening full of entertainment into your home. The range of live casino game shows is constantly increasing. It is therefore no longer the case that the offer is out roulette, blackjack en baccarat exists. To take you into the entertaining world of live casino game shows, we have listed the 5 best here. Also check this live casino games page for a range of live game shows. Or view this review of Lucky Days to then go to the live casino to play Deal or No Deal directly, for example.

1. Deal or No Deal: known from TV

Deal or No Deal is one of the live casino game shows that has been around for a long time. The game show is derived from the television program that is so successful. In the Netherlands you probably know the Miljoenenjacht where the participant has to open suitcases. The bank then makes a counter offer and it is then up to the participant to proceed or not. That is of course very exciting and you also experience that tension with the game show Deal or No Deal.

With this one of the live casino game shows, the intention is to crack the safe. You do this by getting the three golden parts of the wheel in the right position. By the way, you have the option to choose the game mode in advance. A higher bet makes it easier to crack the safe. You will have two minutes to realize this and there is another intermediate round after qualifying. Then the amounts in the cash boxes can be increased even further. The game really starts and it is up to the live host to welcome you. There is also an assistant who keeps an eye on the suitcases. Now it's up to you to play the Deal or No Deal game round. After each round, the bank makes an offer that you will hear from the host.

2. Monopoly Live: buy your rich

Monopoly Live is also one of the best when it comes to live casino game shows. You have probably played this game in real life and made yourself rich by buying houses and hotels. The party game has been transformed into a live casino game and with all streets, stations and the man in the bowler hat very recognizable. The goal is to get as far on the game board as possible.

The cash prizes are getting higher and higher. The intention is to successfully win a bonus game with a bet on the money Wheel. Or gamble well on the numbers of the wheel to win a prize. For example, by putting money on number 2 or 10. That results in a high payout percentage of 96,23% and 96,02%. There are also multipliers on the wheel. Here too, a virtual host is of course present to enthusiastically bring the entertainment level to a high level. Take a look at the live casino if you want to play Monopoly as one of the best live casino game shows.

3. Live Mega Ball: just like bingo

Live Mega Ball is just like bingo, but a bit more spectacular than a full bingo hall at the campsite. It is one of the fun live casino game shows that is interactive and fast paced. A bit like it used to be Bingocams went. The live host is always enthusiastic and the decor gives you the feeling of being away from it all. If you get a full card during the game show then it really is bingo. You will then win a fantastic prize.

The maximum profit at Live Mega Ball amounts to no less than half a million euros. The highest maximum bet in this game is 1.000 euros, but you can of course also play with much less money to keep it fun. This way you have hours of fun with a bet of 0,10 per round. You can play the game with a single card, but can also buy 200 to have a better chance.

4. Live Football Studio: Predict the outcome

Live Football Studio should certainly not be missing from the list of fun live casino game shows. If you participate in this game in one casino online the intention is to predict the outcome of the match. In this case, the match is not a real football match, but a battle between two cards. One card represents the home team and the other card the away team. The soccer team that has the highest card value wins. So you choose a card in advance to predict who will win. Why the game is called Live Football Studio is because everything revolves around football. The live host likes to talk about football and it also happens that there are football matches to follow. Tip: Play this game with a bet on 'home' or 'away' to keep the house edge for the casino as low as possible.

5.Crazy Time: also one of the fun live casino game shows

Crazy Time is a fantastic game show with a really high level of entertainment. These are also crazy times when you participate in this game with the famous Moneywheel. The spectacular thing about this fun setup of the live casino game shows are the bonus options. Pachinko is one of those who makes his way down a jungle of pegs in search of multipliers.

The bonus option Cash Hunt lets you shoot with sharp points and you receive the multiplier associated with the symbol you have chosen. Coin Flip consists of a coin with a blue color on one side and a red color on the other. You play with this for a multiplier. Then there is the bonus option Crazy Time and with that you get the choice to choose one of the pillars that are at the top of the wheel. Each arrow represents a multiplier.

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