Lanadas Casino Review 2021

NO! We find Lanadas not exactly reliable!

Read the findings belowingen of or go directly to an alternative for it Lanadas Casino

Lanadas Casino Review 2021

Sometimes you regularly come across online casinos of which you think; is it a casino where I can play in a safe environment? Then we are not talking about the established names like Kroon Casino en Oranje Casino, but more about names like Zodiac Casino of Lanadas Casino. This type of casinos are also often mentioned in the popular social media posts where people win millions of euros with 1 or 2 clicks! Zodiac Casino we have already taken a closer look and this turned out not to be a pleasant casino to gamble at. But what about this Lanadas Casino? In the article below you can read what we think!

Who is Lanadas Casino?

To begin with, we went to find out which company is exactly behind Lanadas. We end up at a Danish company called EM Online ApS. The company consists of exactly 20 people, including the management and support staff. Not many people, therefore, to keep an online casino running. The company owns a total of 2 online casinos; Lanadas Casino and Dealers Casino. This means that they have 2 datesbases with players who all need to be maintained. With 20 people, this seems to us to be a very difficult and perhaps impossible task. But we don't think this is a reason not to play at Lanadas, because maybe they all work 24/7.

What we are a bit disappointed is that they also have 2 other brands in addition to the two online casinos. These two brands have absolutely nothing to do with casino. Quit smoking and a measurement platform (not gambling-related). If this also needs to be paid attention to, then it seems even more difficult to serve the players at Lanadas well.

Licenses from this casino

As described above, we find it difficult to estimate how they keep 20 casinos + 2 other companies running with 2 people. We know from experience that online casino players need a lot of time and attention. Lots of questions about bonuses, payoutingen and other promotions. We believe that a support department should be right on top of that. To make this a bit easier, EM Online ApS has a samcooperation with Aspire Global LtD. This company offers turnkey solutionsingen for companies that would like to start an online casino. The games, payment options, licenses, CRM system; you can get everything from Aspire Global. They have done this with Lanadas Casino. Aspire Global also offers a support department, but whether this is used, we do not know.
On the other hand, we think Aspire Global is a reliable party. They have the right games, safe payment environmentingen and good licenses from Malta and the UK.

If you still want to play there, do you get a bonus at Lanada?

Most players who do register with Lanadas do so because of the (at first glance) attractive No Deposit Bonus. If you register with Lanadas you will receive 50 Free Spins. However ... if you look a little further, this Free Spins bonus is not that crazy attractive. If you win with these free spins, you have to play them 50x before you can do anything with it. So suppose you win € 50, then you have to play at least 50x € 50 before you can pay it out. We think that's a lot, be sure to remember that the terms and conditions of Lanadas state that you can pay out a maximum of € 50 if you win with your bonus. So if you accidentally take € 1000 with your free spins and you have played it 50x, then you have to Lanadas Casino really disappoint you, because you can pay out a maximum of € 50 from the bonus!


In addition to this Free Spins bonus you will receive a welcome bonus of 100% on top of your first deposit up to a maximum of € 200. The minimum required deposit for this is only 10 euros, so that is not too bad for us. The bonus conditions also state that this amount must be played 35x before you can even claim a payoutingen from your bonus money. This is quite normal at online casinos, HOWEVER, Lanadas has chosen it all NetEnt games and all other popular games that Lanadas offer but count for 50%. This means that you have to play your bonus 70 times instead of 35 times! These are tricks true not very fond of it!

Find Lanadas a reliable casino for its players?

NO! We find Lanadas not exactly reliable for the following reasons:

- It seems that EM Online ApS pays little time and attention to the casino.
- EM Online ApS has too few staff to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
- We think the extremely devious bonus conditions are worthless.
- It appears to be a casino from the 00s. This again tells us that there is little attention for it.
- A reliable payment environment, but not popular payment options for players from our country.
- Too many complaints can be found online about Lanadas Casino. These complaints vary from payoutingen, the weird bonus conditions and long waiting times for help.
- Under the above complaints, we read too often that a payment can take longer than 2 weeks. This is too slow compared to other casinos.

All in all, too many negative points to do anything with it. However, we do think so Lanadas Casino has the potential to become a good casino. This all stands or falls with the focus of the company that owns it. Whether this will ever happen, we doubt and we will not go to our players Lanadas Casino send but to Turbo Casino of MegaRush Casino. Here you are sure of a professional online casino!

Frequently asked questions about Lanadas Casino

Nee, Lanadas Casino is absolutely not a reliable online casino! Read our review quickly or view a casino that is reliable such as Lucky Days!

Think of very nasty bonus conditions, few people who can help you, a lot of complaints about Lanadas online and a long payoutingen!

There are currently plenty of online casinos in the market that you can trust. On our website you will find a nice offer with reliable online casinos and that also get a nice bonus!

This is indeed correct! But at Lanadas Casino you must wager the winnings from the Free Spins Bonus 50X. In addition, you can only pay out € 50. This you win € 500 with the Free Spins, you have played everything neatly, then you can hand in € 450 and credit € 50 to your account. Not exactly a good bonus in our opinion!

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