Online casino reliable?

Gambling in a casino, everyone has done it before! The fun of gambling in a real casino has been around since 1638, when the world's first casino opened in Venice! There have been entire cities worldwide since 1638 ingeto gamble, think of Las Vegas or Macau where you will see a huge casino on every corner of the street such as "The Venetian", the "MGM Grand" and many more. Gambling has gotten even easier in recent decades, as you can now do it online! Play a game online from your lazy chair blackjack play, gamble on a classic slot machine or on one of the thousands of modern video slots! The question that many Dutch people ask themselves; Is an online casino reliable? On this page we try to take you into the world of online casinos and / whether this can be trusted to gamble with real money!

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The first Dutch Online Casino

Online gambling has been a fact in the Netherlands since 2006. Oranje Casino is the first online casino to focus on the Dutch market. The casino was very small at the time, with games like roulette, slots and the famous solitaire (for money) tournaments! The online casino operated from Malta, which issues the licenses for multiple casinos. We will tell you more about this later.


Is an online casino reliable?

To answer this question in the best way we will have to look at different points to judge whether online casinos are reliable or not! We will list here a number of points that we have included:

  • Can you safely deposit your money in an online casino?
  • How do online casinos deal with your personal information?
  • If you win an amount, do you get paid that too?
  • What do the licenses of an online casino entail?
  • What is a Random Number Generator?

Frequently asked questions about the reliability of an online casino

In this part of this important article we will delve deeper into the above questions and finally provide conclusive answers on whether an online casino is reliable or not!

In roughly 99% of online casinos you can deposit your money safely. The most famous way in the Netherlands is to deposit money with iDeal. After you have created your account in a reliable online casino, you can deposit money in so-called Wallet. You deposit this with iDeal, your credit card or Neteller, for example. This always happens in a safe environment (https) so that you can safely deposit your money in your wallet!

We have to be honest with you, in the past personal information such as email addresses have been misused by many online casinos. This databases were sold if you decided to permanently close your account at the online casino. However, this has decreased dramatically in the past 5 years. Partly due to the strict supervision of the Maltese and English Governments and the licenses that are issued there, this rarely happens! As soon as you are still standing ingewrote at an online casino, you can expect to offer daily / weeklyingen will receive by mail. These are offeringen such as nice welcome bonuses, free spins and sometimes even free money to gamble with in a reliable online casino! In fact, you do not have to worry that your data is still being misused by casinos today. Partly because the Dutch casino industry has become extremely competitive in the past 5 years, casinos will not release and sell data quickly. Thus, they can only make competition stronger.

This is still talked about on several major forums for online casino players. Some complain that they do not receive any money or that they have to meet all kinds of conditions to receive the money! In general, an online casino always pays out your winnings, but they do have a certain duty to check, just like offline casinos (such as Holland Casino) have this! A reliable online casino will pay offingen can ask to send a copy of proof of identity. There must be a check somewhere on minors and / or gambling addicts. Most reliable online casinos do this as soon as you request a deposit or if you are going to deposit a lot of money in your account and you have not done this before! There are also online casino players who do not receive their 'won' money. In 9/10 cases, these players owe this to themselves, because they are players with false data, have multiple accounts at the relevant reliable online casino (and thus receive multiple times the bonus), have programs to clear bonuses faster, etc. ... We think it is only logical that online casinos do not pay out the winnings. Often they have multiple proofs not to do this! The reliable online casinos in the Netherlands have different ways and systems in which they check that everything is going according to the rules!

An online casino license actually means that the online casino is controlled by an authority! They actually check for points that we have already discussed implementation above! For example, paying money and combating gambling addiction.
The most important license is the LGA license. This license comes from the Lottery and Gaming Authority and it actually grants all permitsingen for reliable online casinos. You don't get this license just like that, because you have to meet a lot of conditions and you have to put a considerable amount on the table before you get it. This makes it even more familiar to online casino players. So if a casino has an LGA License in your pocket, it is very reliable for you to gamble there!

Many people will wonder whether the games are fair and / or whether they give prizes. This has been completely removed by the Random Number Generator (RNG)! The RNG actually ensures that prizes on the different casino games are given Random. So your chances of winning great prizes are just as great as with other players and the reliable casinos keep it fair for everyone! The RNG is also not adjustable! This software is very safe! View our here top 5 with highest paying slots!

For some casino games, an RNG does not exactly apply! Think games like blackjack of roulette. You don't have to play this against a computer (you can), but most casino players play this in a live casino! So here you watch live with a roulette game, you can bet and see that it is played just as fair as in any offline casino! Most reliable online casinos have a live casino from NetEnt or Evoution!

Conclusion reliability online casinos

Given the above points, we find 99% of the Dutch online casinos reliable! Of course there are always online casinos that are not doing the right thing! So is the reliability of Zodiac Casino not quite right. We have also written a complete article about it on this website! After you have carefully read this page, we hope that you find an online casino reliable, just like us! To make your choice a bit easier, we have already listed some casinos for you on our home page! These are all reliable online casinos! Nevertheless, in the year 2021 a lot will change in the online casino market. You can read more about this on this page.

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