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Roulette Review

Online roulette is a casino game that is easy for everyone to play. Even if you've never played this table game before, you can get started quickly. Basically you just need to know what betting options there are and you don't even need to know them all in the beginning to play the table game. When online roulette you have the advantage that you are the one who determines the speed of the game, because there is no croupier present to indicate when ingecan be put and when not. So you have as a novice roulette player all the time to, for example, view the outcomes of previous rounds and discover which bets are best for you.

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Gambling on the online roulette panel

You can buy a roulette select a table to play. Usually several variants are offered, so that you can, for example, French or American roulette can play. The difference is that the French version has one box with a zero in the green color and the American version has two green boxes, one with a zero and the other with two zeros. After you play a game from online roulette you will see a roulettewheel and it roulette field, on which you can place bets.

You can then start playing right away by placing a chip of your choice on a betting option. The simplest bet is betting on black or red, because that provides the highest chance of winning, but the profit is more limited than when you bet money on a unique number. Every betting option knows online roulette namely yet another payout and it may be an idea to spread bets on it roulette field. As a player you then have control over when the ball comes into play, because you press the start button for that.

Speed, excitement and profit

Roulette is in it online casino an incredibly popular casino game that combines speed with excitement and potentially big winnings. It is this combination that makes it so attractive for many players and perhaps also for you to play this classic casino game. Naturally, the versatility of the betting options also contributes to the game's attractiveness and popularity. The advantage of playing online roulette is moreover that you do that in an online casino on anonymous bascan do without others watching which decision is madeingen take you to the gaming table. That gives you as a novice roulette player certainly a nice feeling, because no one on your vingers looked.

Playing roulette in an online casino offers both for players with little play money and for players with a lot of budget options. The roulettetables have certain betting limits with a minimum and maximum bet. You can then roulette game in an online casino for 0,10 euros at a time, but also more bets, such as 5.000 euros. Would you like to go online? roulette to attempt? This is free, but you can also register at the casino of your choice to play for money.

Roulette rules

De roulette rules are basically very simple. The only thing left ingeis more complicated are the many betting options. Because it's all about it roulette wheel with compartments numbered from 0 to 36 and the ball. You predict by placing a bet on which square the ball endsigt. The croupier puts the ball into play and the roulette wheel turns. It roulette ball will automatically land on a square and if it stays there, the number of that square is the winning number. The bet is made on the basis of chips.

The chips can have different values. It is according to the roulette rules allowed to place multiple bets. The most famous bet is betting on black or red. The boxes are black or red with the exception of one box, which is green. That is the number box 0. You can bet on black or red, even or odd, on a single number or on a combination of numbers. If you have predicted correctly, you win. The amount of the winnings depends on the chosen betting field. Did you bet on red or black? With a good prediction, this will yield the bet once. If you have on a single number ingethen this will of course yield a much larger profit of 35 times the stake. If your looking for fun roulette tips, then you will find 10 here roulette tips.

Bet fields
If you go to it roulette field looks under it roulette wheel then you will see all numbers from 0 to 36. The squares black and red, even and odd are also separate betting fields where you can place chips. Each box on the bet field offers the opportunity to place chips on it. This is possible on a single number, but also on a combination of numbers. There are different namesingen used for the bets. This way you can opt for a split. Those are two numbers that are linked together. Or for a street where you bet on three numbers in a horizontal row. Betting on a block of four numbers is called a corner. With a horizontal block of six numbers, there is a sixline.

In addition, there is a column of 12 numbers that you can bet on and that is called a column. There is also a 1st boxes, 2nd boxes and 3rd boxes, where you bet on the first twelve numbers, second series of twelve numbers or third series of twelve numbers respectively. These bets offer multiple opportunities. With single odds with a one-to-one payout, there are also betting options. For example, on the numbers 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. All even numbers, odd numbers, all red numbers and all black numbers pay one to one with a good prediction. If you bet on a single number, it is called a straight up.

Betting on a single number offers the least chance of winning. The chance is greater that you predict that the ball will end on black than that the ball will end on number 16igt. There are simply more black boxes than number boxes with number 16. There is only one of them. It is of course interesting to bet on both a single number and, for example, a column, so that you immediately have a series of numbers covered. This immediately increases the chances of profit.

Roulette strategy / tactics

A roulette strategy can help to steer the right course if you want to play according to a certain system. This can provide guidance and does not allow you to make different decisions every timeingen take that can turn out right or wrong. The most famous strategy associated with roulette can be applied, it is Martingale's system. This is a very simple way to eventually make a profit. If you lose at roulette In this system the intention is to double the bet the next round. Have you just played with 1 euro and lost? Then you double the bet to 2 euros. Are you losing again? Then you double again.

This system is perfect to use when you bet on red or black, or bet on odd or even. While the profit payment ratio is small, the ultimate chance of winning is almost certain. Unless you lose so many times in a row that you've reached the table limit. Then you simply cannot continue to double.

There is one more roulette strategy that can be applied and that is the Fibonacci sequence. If you lose a game round, you always have to add up the two previous bets. You then use the outcome of the sum of these in the next round. When you win, you don't do that, but you go back two steps in the series, as it were. If you want to use an even easier system, choose the One Hit Wonder. Then you default to one number and you expect the number to fall before 36 rounds have been played.

Roulette variants

The roulette game has several variants. A main distinction can be made between American roulette and European / French roulette. At American roulette there is a box with an extra 00. In the online casino you always have the opportunity to choose from several variants. This is also possible in the mobile casino or in the live casino, where the variants are also available. It is also true that it differs per online casino how it works roulette game is designed and what the betting limits are. That depends on which casino software provider is used. A well-known provider offering multiple roulette variants available is Netent.

American roulette
American roulette is one of the variants and has one roulette wheel and bet field with an extra compartment. That is a green box with 00. Because there is an extra number box, there is a greater house advantage. This means that there is slightly less advantage for the player, because the chance of winning is smaller with an extra number box. The format of the rouletteThe table is also slightly different because of the extra 00. If you bet on a single number, the chance of winning is 2,63 percent, namely 1 divided by 38.

European roulette
European roulette is offered as standard in online casinos and can also be played in mobile casinos and in the live casino. The house advantage is somewhat less than with the American version. The European version has 37 squares from number 0 to number 37. With a straight bet where you place a bet on a single number, there is a 2,70 percent chance, namely 1 divided by 37. The chance of winning is therefore slightly higher at European roulette.

French roulette
French roulette does not differ much from the European variant in terms of design. In this version, the game with 37 squares is also played and there is therefore only one green square with a 0. In French roulette game, however, there are two extra rules. These are la partage and prison. With la partage there is an extra advantage for the player, because the loss can be limited with this option.

However, this only applies if the ball eventually lands on the 0 box and if there are 50-50 bets on red, black, even and odd. In the la partage rule, with such a bet if the ball lands on 0, half of the bet is lost. If this specific rule does not apply, as with other variants, the player loses the entire bet. The house edge of the casino is reduced to 1,35 percent by this rule.

En prison is another rule. If in this case the same scenario is followed with an outcome of 0 and a bet on red, black, even or odd, then the opportunity is offered to leave half of the bet. You may also choose to get half of the bet back. The chips and prison remain trapped. In the next game round you can then get the chips back if you win.

Multi wheel roulette
With multi wheel roulette there is a completely different variant. You then play on a roulettetable with several roulette wheels. You place your bet and then you make several roulette wheels chance to win money. Usually multi wheel roulette offered in the European variant with 37 compartments. It goes without saying that everyone roulette wheel in this game may show a different outcome. That is precisely the fun, attractive and exciting aspect of this one roulette variant.

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To give you a bit of an idea. If you use multi wheel roulette when you start playing, you will see one betting field and the different ones above it roulette wheels presented. If you like to spread your chances, choosing this variant is definitely an option. You choose the amount of the bet on the basis of the available chips at the gaming table. You can win a lot of money quickly, but keep in mind that losing is also possible.

Number of paylines37
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Provider Evolution Gaming
Free spins No
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Volatility Middle
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