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Online Roulette Review

Online roulette is a casino game that is quite easy to play. Even if you’ve never played any other table game before. In fact, you only have to know how to wager, because roulette is as easy as it gets. In addition, online roulette also has the benefit that you yourself can determine the speed of the game because there is no croupier around who’s dealing out the shots. This way, newcomers can take as much time as they want so they can, for example, take a look at their previous rounds and determine the best strategy.

Gambling at an online roulette table

Most online casinos on the Internet offer at least a dozen roulette tables to choose from. There are a few different variations on offer, such as French or American roulette. The single difference between these is that the French version has a single field with a zero, while the American version has two fields, both green, with a single and double zero. After you’ve picked the version that has your preference, you’ll see a roulette wheel and board appear on the screen.

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You can then immediately start playing by placing any of your chips in one of the fields. The easiest is betting on either black or red since these fields have the highest winning chance. However, their profits are rather low and you might want to consider taking a bit more risk. Each field on the online roulette board has a different pay-out ratio, and you’re also able to spread your bets and make multiple wagers during a single round. As a player, you can then scream out the legendary words “Rien ne vas plus!” and hit the start button to get the wheel spinning.

Speed, excitement and profits

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games and combines speed with excitement and potentially large profits. This combination makes it so appealing for gambling enthusiasts to try out this incredible game. The versatility of betting options also contributes to the appeal and popularity of the game. One of the advantages of playing online roulette is that you can anonymously take a seat at the game table, without any one else watching over your back. This way, you can relax and are assured that no one is taking your game strategy into account.

Playing roulette in an online casino is accessible to both players with small and large budgets Most roulette tables have fixed minimum and maximum bets. You can, for example, decide to take at a table where bets are limited to $0.10 per round, while others allow wagering $5,000.-. Would you like to try out an online roulette? You can do so either for free or perhaps you should consider signing up at an online casino if you’d like to play with cash.

Rules of the game

The rules of roulette are quite simple. The only thing that makes it a bit complicated is all the different betting options. In fact, it’s all about the roulette wheel that is numbered with boxes ranging from 0 to 36. You need to predict in which box the ball will end up by placing your bet on the board. The croupier will then drop the ball into the spinning wheel. After a while, the ball will end up in a numbered box, which determines the result of the game. Bets are placed by putting chips in the fields.

The values of these chips may vary from game to game. According to the rules of online roulette, it is allowed to place multiple bets in different fields. The most popular option is placing a bet on red or black. All boxes are either red or black, with the exception of one green colored box. This one contains the zero. You can also bet on odd or even, on a single number or a combination of numbers. You win once you made the right prediction. The amount that you win depends on the field(s) that you’ve previously chosen. If you made a bet on red of black, for example, then you’ll see your stakes doubled. But if you bet on a single number and get it right, you are rewarded with a much larger prize and will receive up to 35x times of your original wager.

Betting options
If you take a look at the roulette board, you will see a whole bunch of numbers ranging from 0 to 36. There’s also a few separate fields such as red & black and odd & even in which you can place your chips. Each number on the board also acts as a betting option. You can either wager on a single number or on a combination. Specific combinations are referred to with a designated term. A “split”, for example, is betting on two numbers that are next to each other. Or a “street” refers to betting on three numbers that are next to each other on a horizontal line. Wagering on four numbers is called a “corner”, while a horizontal block of six numbers is called a “six-line”.

In addition, you can also bet on a “column” of 12 numbers. The remaining options are the “1st dozen”, “2nd dozen” and “3rd dozen”, which each contain 12 consecutive numbers. Any of the above options offer multiple chances to win. There are also a few different betting options with a pay-out ratio of 1:1. You can either bet on 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 (half of the roulette board), all odd or even numbers and all black or red numbers. A bet on a single number is referred to as a “straight-up”.

Betting on a single number offers the lowest chance of winning, but the highest pay-out ratio (1:35). For example, the chance that the ball ends up in a black numbered box is much higher than compared to ending up on number 16. There are just 17 black boxes compared to one single box that’s numbered 16. Of course, it can be interesting to make a bet on both a single number and a column. This way, you immediately cover a whole series of numbers, which increases your chances on making a profit.

Roulette strategy/tactics

A roulette strategy can help you determine the right track if you want to play according to a particular system. Keeping your strategy in mind, you are sure that you won’t make decisions that end badly for you. The most well-known strategy that is applied while playing roulette is the system of Martingale. This is a very simple way to make a profit. If you lose the round, you need to double your stakes during the next. Did you just play with 1 dollar and lost? Then you should double your wager to 2 dollars. Lost again? Keep doubling it till you win!

This strategy is absolutely perfect if you usually bet on red & black or odd & even. The pay-out ratio of these fields is rather low (1:1), but the ultimate probability of profit is almost certain. Except if you lose that often that you have reached the table limit. Then you simply can’t continue doubling your profits.

There’s another online roulette strategy that comes to mind, namely the Fibonacci series. In the case you’ve lost, you have to count up the stakes of your two previous bets. The result of this sum is wagered during the next round. When you make a profit, you don’t count up the stakes, but actually go back to steps in the series. If you’d like to use an easier system, then you may want to consider the One Hit Wonder strategy. Here you keep betting on the same number while hoping you’ll win before 36 rounds have been played.

Different versions of roulette

The roulette game has multiple versions. A distinction is made between American roulette and European/French roulette. American online roulette wheels feature an extra field with two zeros. Most online casinos offer you the opportunity of playing multiple versions. The same applies to both mobile casinos and live casinos, like Kroon Casino, where most variations are present as well. Incidentally, the board design and stakes limit may differ from casino to casino. That depends on the developer that powers the casino's software. One of the most well-known providers that has multiple variants of roulette on display is NetEnt.

American roulette
American roulette is one of the variants and features a roulette board and wheel with an extra box. This is the green box that contains a double zero. Since there’s an extra box, there is a larger house advantage, which also means that the player has a smaller chance of winning due to the extra box. The lay-out of the roulette board is also a bit different due to the extra 00. If you bet on a single number, your odds are 2.63 percent (or 1 divided by 38).

European roulette
European roulette is offered by default in most online casinos and can also be played in mobile and live venues. The house advantage isn’t as large as compared to American roulette, because the European variation only has 37 fields (instead of 38), ranging from 0 to 37. When you make a straight bet (wagering on a single number), your odds are 2.70 percent (or 1 divided by 37). This is about 0.07 percent higher than compared to American roulette.

French roulette
French roulette differs significantly from the European variation. This version also features a board with 37 fields and thus only has one green box on the wheel with a single 0. French roulette, however, comes with two additional game rules. These are “la partage” and “prison”. “La partage” offers players an extra benefit, because this option may limit their losses.

However, this only applies when the ball ends up in the green 0 boxes and when the player made a 50-50 bet on black, red, odd or even. When the ball lands on 0, “la partage” ensures that the player only loses half of his stakes. If this specific rule does not apply, for example in European or American roulette, players will lose their entire bet. The house advantage of the casino is reduced to 1.35 percent because of this game rule.

And “prison” is another rule that offers players a unique opportunity. In the case that the same scenario applies (50-50 bet on red, black, odd or even), players are allowed to leave half of their bet on the board during the next round. Or they may also decide to take it off. The chips “en prison” remain trapped. During the next round, you are able to get your chips back if you won.

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Multi wheel roulette
Multi wheel roulette is a completely different cookie. This time, you play at a roulette table that features multiple roulette wheels. You place your bet and make a profit if any of the wheels results in a win. Multi wheel roulette often follows the European rules and usually features 37 boxes. It goes without saying that every roulette wheel in this game may have a different outcome. This makes it attractive, exciting and just incredibly fun!

Perhaps it’s clearer like this: if you play multi-wheel roulette, you will see one board and above it, you will see multiple roulette wheels. If you like to spread your stakes, then you should definitely try this game. You can win a lot of cash with this game, but keep in mind that losing also belongs to the possibilities.

Number of paylines37
Min/max bet€0.20 / €1000.00
Restricted country Evolution Gaming
Free spin game No
Bonus game No
Volatility Medium
Category Live Casino

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