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Power Blackjack Review of Evolution Gaming

Power Blackjack is a casino game in the live casino that by Evolution Gaming is made. This provider is the largest developer of casino games for the live casino. It is not for nothing that Evolution Gaming is the market leader. From the beginning, this provider has specifically focused on the development of live casino games. Live roulette is the first game that Evolution Gaming put on the market in 2007. The live casinos have had a great appeal from the first moment. Hence, the provider has quickly released other live casino games such as live baccarat live blackjack. Power Blackjack is one of many blackjackvariants that of standard live blackjack descends.

What is Power Blackjack for play?

Power Blackjack is a card game in which a number of game rules are the same as for live blackjack. For example, that the dealer must fold to 17 points and that the first hand with the same cards offers the option to split. The difference with live blackjack is that at Power Blackjack many more options are per hand. As a player, you can double, triple or even quadruple any hand with two cards. In English terms you come across the names double down, triple down and quadruple down.

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The double down bet offers the option to set the multiplier to three or four. Do you choose one of these options? In that case you only get one playing card from the dealer. The bet will of course also increase if you choose double down, triple down or quadruple down. You also take a little more risk, but there is also more money to be won in the live casino. Power Blackjack is just a bit more exciting than live with these game options online blackjack.

In order to play the game it is also important to know that the nines and tens do not participate in Power Blackjack. Everyone at the gaming table plays with two identical cards that are visible to everyone. You then make your own individual choice, such as fold, take a card, split or multiply. You get 15 seconds for that. On the right side of the screen you can see the number of participants in the game. You can also see which players there are who still have to decide what to do.

Bet, RTP and house edge

The RTP of Power Blackjack is quite high and amounts to 98,8%. The house edge in this live casino game is 1,2%. In the live casino it is possible to sit at the gaming table and play with a bet of at least 1 euro. That's a great amount to start with when you play the game for the first time. Or do you prefer to gamble with more money in the live casino? There is also plenty of room for this, because the maximum bet is at this gaming table Evolution Gaming no less than 1.000 euros. There are eight decks of playing cards in the deck.

Payoutingen Power Blackjack
There are several payoutsingen applicable when playing Power Blackjack in the live casino. The maximum payout is four times the bet if you have made the choice for quadruple down with two cards. If there is a tie, you will receive the bet back. It is of course also possible to join this game blackjack to get. In that case, the payout of one and a half times the stake applies. Did you beat the dealer and win the game without multiplication? Then there is a one to one payout. For example, do you have 1 euro ingethen you win 1 euro and you get paid 2 euro. The profit is then 1 euro.

Bonus game
There is no specific bonus game to win a jackpot, for example. It's at Power Blackjack possible to place a so-called side bet. These side bets are divided into Hot 3, 21 + 3, Any Pair and Bust It. In Hot 3, you win if the total points of your two cards and the face up dealer card is 19, 20 or 21 points. 21 + 3 provides a prize when the first three cards form a straight, 3-of-a-kind or flush. Are your first two cards a pair? Then you win a prize with the site bet Any Pair. If you place a Bust It side bet, you win if the dealer with the points number exceeds 21. Does the dealer buy himself dead with at least eight cards? The payout is in that case at a ratio of 250 to one.

At which casinos can the game be played?

Power Blackjack is not available in all online casinos. There are also live casinos that do not immediately include all newly released live casino games in the offer. In any case, it is possible to Power Blackjack in Boom Casino to play. Also Frank Casino heeft Power Blackjack included in the live casino games offer. View the full review about it here Boom Casino.

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Conclusion Team Voordeelcasino

Power Blackjack is a card game derived from standard blackjack and offers just a little more game options. It is possible to win extra money by taking extra risks. Our team of Voordeelcasino thinks it is only ideal that multiple variants of a game are available. That keeps it attractive to visit it more often online casino to live blackjack in one of the many variants.

Number of paylines1
Min / Max bet€ 1,00 / € 1000,00
Provider Evolution Gaming
Free spins No
Bonus game No
Volatility High
Categories Live Casino

Frequently asked questions about Power Blackjack

The house advantage is at Power Blackjack 1,2%. The house advantage is therefore higher than with the standard version. This is where the house advantage comes out to about 0,5%. Check out our review about Power Blackjack for additional information.

There are indeed possibilities to join Power Blackjack side bets. For example Hot 3, 21 + 3, Any Pair and Bust It. Read our review about it Power Blackjack for the explanation.

The minimum bet for this game is 1 euro and the maximum bet for Power Blackjack is 1.000 euros per game round.

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