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Lightning Roulette Games 2021

Evolution Gaming is innovating again. Roulette has been the same game for years. But this has changed. Evolution Gaming comes with the variant Lightning Roulette. An exciting exit from the existing roulette game. In the meantime, there are already many other games that have also been updated with the Lightning effect. Such as, for example Lightning Baccarat. The Lightning game even makes a stiff game like Baccarat exciting. With this it seems Evolution Gaming well on its way to addressing future generations with people over 18.

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What makes Lightning Roulette different?

Different than others roulette games, the Lightning effect has been added to this. With a big power switch, the wattages shoot through the studio. During this live casino game some numbers will be selected with higher payoutsingen. And not just a little bit. When you bet on a number and it is also hit by the Lightning, it is Bingo. Your bet can now be paid out from 50 to 500 times. With a maximum bet of €10.000 you can imagine that this can lead to unprecedented results.

Lightning Roulette payout percentage

A side note to this is that the average refund percentage is slightly lower ligt as with other online roulette spell. On the most played roulette spell ligt de RTP at 97,3 percent, op Lightning Roulette this is 97,1%. It's only a very small difference. If you also counter that you can win back your bet x500, we are happy to accept that.

To play this game you need at least an account at an online casino. In addition, there must be a balance in your account because free play is included Lightning Roulette not with. You can, however rouletteclick the table in the live lobby of the online casino. This way you can watch the table without playing along yourself. But of course you also want to use it for the real work. This is possible from € 1 per round. The maximum bet varies per online casino. They can declare themselves via Evolution Gaming how far they want to let this go. At most online casinos this will be € 2000 or € 2500. But there are also online casinos with this up to € 10.000.

The decor and the Random Number Generator

The Lightning casino games stand out for their Art Deco environment. This is what the decor looks like Lightning Roulette out again. With lots of black and gold accents. Of course, the croupier will also be back in full dress. For each round, this will give the switch a flick and the lucky numbers will be loaded.

there gingen at the launch of the game already rumors that Evolution Gaming whether the casino would affect the numbers that will pay out more. To put an end to this immediately, it is now known that this is not possible. The Lightning effect is guided by a random number generator. Which means that every number is chosen randomly. The choice is not made by a physical person. This is done by a computer, which makes the game very complex at the back. Fortunately, we as a player do not see any of that while playing.

Lightning Roulette has been around since 2018. It was immediately noticed within the gambling industry that this involves a lot of innovation. As a result, they immediately won a number of prestigious prizes.


The 'straight' bets are lower than you are used to from ordinary roulette. This time out 30 times. A split 17 times. One street 11 times. Lines with six numbers times 5. A corner point 8 times and a whole column only 2 times. Playing Neighbors pays 6,2 times your stake.

Is Lightning Roulette free to play?

Unfortunately this is not the case. To Lightning Roulette To be able to play in the online casino you will always need an account. And also playing this type roulette requires wagering real money. It is possible to watch a live Lightning Roulette tables. This will give you a good impression of how the game is going.

First person Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is now extremely popular. So popular that the demand kept increasing. So big that it was still difficult to handle. That's why Lightning Roulette now also playable as a game without the real croupier. This is an animated studio where the roulettetable is central to the room. This does reduce the sensation of the game slightly. The big advantage is the speed at which the game can be played. In the regular game you play in a game show. In this stripped down version, the show slows down but the speed of action increases. In addition, it is also possible for the online casino player with a smaller stock market to get acquainted with this form of Roulette. You can bet from as little as € 0,10 per round.

Lightning Roulette online casinos

Do not just blindly create an account at one of the many online casinos. The internet has meanwhile been flooded with the offer of online gambling providers. The best online casinos can be found at Voordeelcasino. This way you know for sure that the online casino where you Lightning roulette When you start playing your won money will actually pay out again.

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We can't help but be excited after it Lightning Roulette play. Every element matches the game. In addition, the game is easy to understand, in broad terms the Lightning roulette rules no different from those of other species roulette.
One point we didn't discuss here is whether game would be rigged. Which simply means that it wouldn't be completely fair. We have every confidence that this will be done fairly. Given the supervision that Evolution is under and the risk of doing it at all makes it implausible that Lightning Roulette would be rigged or fake.

Number of paylines36
Min / Max bet€ 1,00 / € 5000,00
Provider Evolution Gaming
Free spins No
bonus game No
Volatility Middle
Categories Live Casino

The dealer activates it by flipping the switch. This will activate the random number generator. This is a computer system that selects the numbers for higher winnings. So it happens NOT by a physical person but completely automatically. It is best compared to a lottery system that determines the numbers.

In theory this would 5 million to be. This is possible when you play at a casino where you can bet up to the maximum. Then you would have to put €10.000 on a number that then also gets the maximum Lightning doubling. Only then would you win $10.000 times 500. The chance of this is very small, but it is possible.

This is possible with almost all online casinos once they get the live casino games from Evolution Gaming to offer. Today, just about every decent online casino Evolution as a partner for their live games.

That is unfortunately not possible. To participate in this type of Live Roulette there is always a wagering of real money required. It is possible to watch the Lightning Roulette table once you have an account at an online casino with Evolution games in the live casino lobby.

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