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Online Blackjack Review

Blackjack is one the most popular online casino games. Both in land-based and online casinos. A lot of blackjack players have already preceded you and have fun playing online blackjack. In addition to the entertainment, it’s also great if you succeed in making a profit. But unfortunately, that isn’t a piece of cake. A few factors come to mind. First, you need to know how the games work and what the rules are. Luck also plays an important role. And a factor that is often overlooked but certainly isn’t unimportant: an online blackjack strategy. But why are these often kipped by players? Because following a strategy is considered as bad behavior or malpractice in most land-based, offline casinos. But when you play online blackjack, you are certainly allowed to stick to one particular course in order to increase your chances. Below you will find an overview of well-known, successful blackjack strategies. With the right instructions, even you, a newcomer, maybe successful while playing online blackjack for the first time.

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Playing online blackjack

You can play online blackjack in a variety of ways. Each casino has its own assortment with a few different versions of blackjack. Some of the most well-known variations are Live Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack, Blackjack EU, Blackjack US, Blackjack Pontoon. There will undoubtedly be a few of them that we’ve missed, but the picture should be clear: online casinos offer numerous versions of online blackjack. The goal of the game always remains the same though: try to get 21 points with your cards, or at least get as close. But definitely not more because then your hand is lost. This concept may sound familiar in your ears. If this is not the case, then you should definitely keep on reading. After a few minutes, you’ll be ready for your first round of online blackjack.

Free online blackjack

Play free blackjack at one of the many renowned online casinos that you can find on our website, just for your own entertainment or to try out one of the blackjack strategies. You can even play online blackjack for free without having to sign up at a casino, you can do this at Kroon Casino for example. Besides  Live Blackjack, almost all variants feature a trial mode. It is, however, possible to spectate a live blackjack table so you can see what the fuzz is all about.

Blackjack game rules

The goal is to defeat the dealer, which is also often referred to as the bank. You have to try to get 21 points or at least more than the bank. Do you have more than 21 points in your hand? Then you’ve lost the round. Of course, the dealer is also not allowed to have more than 21 points. After you’ve placed your bet, you receive two cards, marking the start of the round.

Based on the value of these cards, you determine whether you continue playing or have to fold. An ace counts for one or 11 points and a jack, queen or king are each worth 10 points. The rest of the cards (2 to 10) represents their own value. With just your two initial cards in your hand, you thus already able to achieve blackjack (21 points). If that is not the case, you first count how many points you have and determine whether it is wise to take another card. Some extra rules apply that, for example, offer you the opportunity to “split” or “double”  up. Furthermore, the bank always have to pass with 17 points or more and has to keep playing with 16 points or less.

Different blackjack terms
While playing blackjack, you will notice that the game uses a few specific terms, which is why it is useful to know what they exactly mean or refer to. For example, “splitting” and “doubling”. Splitting is possible with the first two cards, but only if both are the same. You can also split a second time when you receive your third card, but once more you’ll need to have two of the same cards in your hand. For example, when you initially receive two sevens and after the split receives another seven. After splitting, you will need to determine a wager for each new game.

When “doubling”, you decide to double your stakes and receive only one additional card. If you, for example, have a total of 9, 10 or 11 points, this option may be appealing to you. There are a few other terms and options, such as “insuring”. In this case, you insure yourself against the case that the dealer has blackjack if his first card is an ace. You then make an extra bet and if the dealer does have 21 points, you “insurance bet” will be doubled. Your original wager will, of course, be lost, but you compensate those losses with the profit from your insurance.

Anticipating the cards of the bank
You can easily master blackjack by raising your chances of winning by anticipating the cards of the dealer. There’s a standard strategy available for doing so. If you have 12 points and the bank has 2, 3, 7 or more, then you are advised to take another card. If you have 13 points, passing is the better option. If the bank has 4, 5 or 6 points, it is recommended to already pass with 12 points. When the bank has higher cards, you are advised to pass with 17 points and take an extra card with 16.

Blackjack strategy

Applying a strategy during this card game may be both interesting and fun. Of course, it isn’t a guarantee of making a profit, but a strategy can help you make the right choices in order to increase your chances of winning. For example, a table that includes an overview of when you should or shouldn’t pass can definitely increase your winnings and reduce your losses. There are of course a few different systems, such as the Martingale system. Here you keep doubling your previous stakes in case you lost. There also is another well-known system that you can apply when you’re playing Single Deck Blackjack, which is often referred to as “counting cards”. The easiest way to count cards during blackjack is as follows: you can assume that it is beneficial for you if there are still many cards in the deck with a high value. If the opposite is true than the house (dealer/bank) has a larger advantage. Higher cards are beneficial for the play because the bank is obliged to pull cards until he has at least 17 points.

Blackjack table
The blackjack table is ideal for beginners in order to determine what the best decision is based on the cards of the bank. What’s so useful about this table is that you can keep it right next to you while you’re playing blackjack at an online casino. This way, you can determine when you should pass or take an extra card, based on your own cards and those of the bank.

Blackjack systems

Blackjack systems are suitable for both beginners and advanced players and are great to increase your chances of winning. However, there isn’t a single system that can offer you a guaranteed profit. Theoretically, they definitely have potential, but you are never able to predict what’s going to happen. And you also have to deal with table limits.

Labouchere is one of the most popular systems that is based on a series of numbers. You can determine the exact series yourself by noting a few random numbers down. For example, 1, 3, 6, 2 and 4. You then take the outer two numbers and the sum of those is the amount that you’ll use to make a bet. In this case, you’ll bet five bucks. If you lose, you will add this number at the end of the series. The series is thus as follows: 1, 3, 6, 2, 4 and 5. You then once more determine the sum of the outer numbers and use it to make your bet. Do you win this round? Then you remove the outer numbers of the series. 3, 6, 2 and 4 still remain. Determine your goal in advance and keep repeating using this system until you’ve achieved it.

1-2-3-6 system
The 1-2-3-6 system is also based on a series of numbers, but one that is already determined for you. During the first round, you wager the stakes 1 time (e.g. $1.00). If you won, you double the stakes during the second round. After that, you triple it, and ultimately you increase your bet six-fold. This system has a specific pattern that makes you start all over again after you’ve won four times in a row with a fixed series of stakes.

Hard hands and soft hands
A hard hand with an ace means that the ace can only be counted as one point due to the total amount of points of the other cards. A soft hand with an ace, on the other hand, means that you can either count the ace as 1 or 11 points. This is the case if you’ve for example got a seven and ace in your hand. Then you have a so-called “soft 18” in your hands. There are also all kinds of different blackjack tables available for both hard and soft hands in order to determine whether you should pass or take an extra card. The table also shows you whether it’s beneficial or not to split or double.

Blackjack variations

In the online casino, you can find multiple versions of blackjack. Most of the game rules are the same, but sometimes additional options or extended rules are added to the rulebook. These include, but are not limited to, playing with multiple hands at the same time, the manner in which the dealer receives his cards (open or closed) or the number of decks that are used to play the game.

Blackjack Classic
This is the classic version of the game and is usually the most popular among blackjack players because you can play with multiple hands at the same time. You can, for example, enter around with five different hands. This game is suitable for beginners because these extra hands allow you to bet with lower stakes, and it is played with four decks.

Double Exposure
With Double Exposure, it is so that the standard rules apply, but the manner in which the cards are handed out to the dealer is a bit different. Both of the first two cards of the dealer are revealed to the players. This gives a larger advantage compared to other blackjack variations where only one of the dealer’s cards is public.

Pontoon is a version of blackjack that doubles your original wager when your first two cards amount up to 21 points. In that case, it also doesn’t refer to your hand as blackjack, but as “pontoon”. The default variation of blackjack pays out your original wager 1.5 times when you have 21 points. The cards of the dealer aren’t revealed and the game is played with eight decks of 52 cards. The dealer wins when there is a tie, and as a player, you are required to keep taking cards until you have at least 15 points.

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Single Deck Blackjack
Single Deck Blackjack is the blackjack variation that is played with a single deck of cards. This means that 52 cards are used during the game and you’re the only player that competes with the dealer. In this case, the game has a high payout rate that is set at 99.50 percent; You play with one hand against the bank, and each time when the round is over, the cards in the deck are shuffled. Because the game uses only one deck of cards, your chances of winning are increased.

Number of paylines 0
Min/max bet €1.00 / €1000.00
RTP 99.28%
Restricted country Evolution Gaming
Free spin game No
Bonus game No
Volatility Medium
Category Live Casino

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