Extras blackjack rules: split and double

Extras blackjack rules: split and double

There are extra blackjack rules that are useful to know when you play in the online casino. The standard rules of the game are well known to most players and can be learned quickly as a beginner. Just think of the card value as well as the ability to first hand blackjack to score. The additional blackjack rules relate to various choices that you can make as a player, such as splitting and doubling. Find out here how to be even better prepared with blackjack start playing. This is possible in all online casinos, such as in Ultra Casino, where you are in this review find out more about it.

Extras blackjack rules: split

One of the extra blackjack rules pertains to splitting. In addition, as a player you get the choice to play a double game, as it were, with two equal cards. Suppose you have two tens, then you can split according to the rules of the game. You then play the game with one ten and the other ten. In addition, you first receive a card for one game and you simply have the choice to stand on it or to take another card. As soon as you pass or if you have too many points and are above 21, you start the game with the next ten.

Please note that the extra blackjack splitting rules require you to place the original bet again. That makes sense, because you play two games when splitting. Incidentally, there is an option that you get the chance to split again. Suppose you are dealt another ten on the first ten as the next card. In that case it is possible to split again. If you get two aces on the first hand, they can also be split, but with a restriction. You will then only receive a single card and it can therefore happen that you get another ace and then the point total of that hand is only 12 points.

Doubles at blackjack

There are more extras blackjack rules that make the game even more exciting and varied. For example, there is a rule that provides for the possibility of doubling. This is only possible if you get a certain number of points with the first two cards. It is then a total value of nine, ten or eleven points with the first two cards dealt. Doubling at blackjack concerns a choice and you are therefore not obliged to do anything. If you choose to double, this also applies to the bet and you will then receive only one card from the dealer. It is always a gamble with the aim of achieving a score of 20 or 21 with the next card. It's tempting to take advantage of doubling as one of the extra blackjack rules. However, you also have the chance that with a point total of, for example, 10, you will not score an ace as the next card, but a 5 or a 6.

Nice bonus with three sevens

There are more extras blackjack rules apply, such as if you are dealt three sevens. If you receive two sevens, you are the first to have the option to split these cards. If you don't do that and you take the gamble that the next card is also a seven, then you suddenly have three sevens. In that case a nice bonus will follow. You will not get that if you have made the choice to split the first two sevens. It may also be the case that after splitting the sevens on a game you get a seven again. Even then you will not receive a bonus, but you can use the opportunity to continue splitting. Incidentally, it is not very often that there are three sevens for a single hand. That's because most players choose to split anyway.

Deviation from extra blackjack rules

It is no longer that there is only one version of it blackjack available in an online casino or live casino. There are various variants to play and it is also possible that there is a deviation from the extra blackjack rules. That is why it is good to take a look at the rules that apply to the game in question when you play a variant. For example, there may be a rule that you can only split aces once. It is then not possible to continue splitting if you get another ace. In addition to splitting the Ace only once, this rule may also apply to two sevens. If there is then another seven, you may no longer split. In that respect, it applies to every variant of it blackjack that other rules may apply.

Double all kinds of cards

When doubling, it is usually only possible if you have nine, ten or eleven points with the first cards dealt. A deviation from the rules is that it is possible to double regardless of the point value. This entails a great risk, because you will only receive one card. Furthermore, it is not possible to double up after splitting. Another deviation from the rules is the so-called hole card. In America this rule does apply. That means that with a blackjack of the dealer and the player has doubled, the double bet is not lost, but only the original bet.

Are you planning to blackjack to play, make sure you consider all options. Whenever a situation arises, determine whether you are willing to take a risk. Do you want to see how doubling or splitting works in practice as an extra? blackjack rules, then play for free first blackjack in a online casino.

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