The Curaçao license can be issued to online casinos who offer a variety of games. On this island, there is only one type of license for gambling that can be provided by Curaçao eGaming. Incidentally, it has been possible since 1996 to obtain such a license on Curaçao. From the very beginning there have been several providers who wanted to be eligible for a license. That there is one type of Curaçao license means that no distinction is made between online casino games, sports betting and lotteries. This is not always the case in other countries.


Licenses have been granted since 1996, but the CIGA organization was established in 2002. This organization has, amongst other things, the task of supervising online gambling and is thus separated from the Gambling Control Board. Under the supervision of the Gambling Control Board, online gambling was regulated from 1996 until 2002. CIGA was founded because of the increase in the number of online gambling providers. The Curaçao license that gambling providers can qualify for is iGaming and Information Provider licenses. There are hundreds of companies that have a Curaçao license and legally offer online casino games, lotteries and sports betting.

With the establishment of CIGA, stricter requirements have been set to qualify for a casino license in Curaçao. The companies that want to apply for a permit must meet a number of obligations. For example, the gambling provider has, among other things, the obligation to conduct fair business. In addition to general requirements, there are also specific conditions for online gambling. When using casino software, for example, the software must be tested by a certified company. The online casino must also have its books in order. In addition, the owner or owners must have a certificate of good conduct. The requirements that a gambling provider must comply with are laid down in a so-called code of conduct. That is what the online casino must commit to.


The iGaming license for which gambling providers can apply relates to all forms of online gambling. If a company has a Curaçao license, then they may offer any type of gambling games. This includes casino games, sports betting, skill games and exchanges. Supervision of the gambling industry is a responsibility of the authorities in Curaçao. CIGA assists the affiliated companies in this regard.