Sofort is a payment system that can be used for depositing money into your casino account, among other things. Its popularity has been increasing steadily among online casino players. It is now available as a payment platform in many European countries and offered by most online casinos. This payment system is currently by far the most well-known in Germany, but this is rapidly changing as the platform is finding its way to other countries. This isn’t surprising if you consider that the system makes depositing money into your account a menial task. You deposit as it were by means of bank transfer. Once you’ve authorized the transfer, Sofort Banking will execute it immediately. This means that your money is instantly available in your account. Moreover, the money is also immediately debited from your bank account. There are four steps you need to take before a payment is fully completed.

Sofort – Deposit in a few steps

If you are logged into the online casino, go to the cashier section and select "Sofort Banking". Then choose your country and select the bank you have an account with. You log into your online banking account the usual way. The authorization of the transaction then takes place in the same way as you’re used to. For example, by entering a PIN or using a digipass or card reader. The method differs per bank. You then receive a confirmation of your transfer, after which your account balance is instantly topped up. The payment system processes the transaction as a direct transfer. It takes no more than a few minutes before you have completed all the steps. In that respect, it is quite a fast payment platform. Moreover, it allows you to deposit money through your own trusted banking environment, which is safe and reliable.

Sofort Casino

Sofort is increasingly available as a payment method at online casinos. The fact that many players opt for this payment system is due to the convenience it offers. It’s one of the most user-friendly platforms out there. The minimum deposit that you have to make depends on the requirements of the online casino. The deposit must, for example, at least amount to 10 euro or 20 euro. Sofort is a payment method that can also be used to withdraw your winnings or outstanding balance. However, it is important to note that pay-outs/withdrawals aren’t processed as fast as deposits. This mainly depends on how the online casino operates.

Withdrawals Via Sofort

If you deposited money into your account using Sofort, then you can also withdraw your winnings in the same way. The online casino will process your request, usually within 24 hours. And most often only on business days. It then takes a while before the online casino pays out the amount through the payment platform. So keep in mind it may take a while before the money is transferred into your bank account. Incidentally, some online casinos are a little bit faster than others. This is entirely up to them and doesn’t depend on Sofort.