PaySafeCard is a prepaid payment card that can be used in many places around the world, both offline and online. Most online casinos also offer you the opportunity to use this convenient payment method. Furthermore, it more often is extremely easy to purchase a PaySafeCard, because there are more than five hundred thousand outlets around the world that sell these cards. You can usually purchase one in supermarkets, petrol stations or magazine stores.


A big advantage of PaySafeCard is that you can make purchases online anonymously, because you do not have to provide personal details or bank details when making payments. You only need to enter the unique code that is on the card and do not need to fill in any personal or financial data. When a transaction is completed, the relevant amount is immediately deducted from the card.

If you, for example, use it to pay at an online casino, then you need to enter the code and the desired amount that is then deducted from the credit on the card. PaySafeCard is very accessible due to its anonymity and can be used for all kinds of things. You can, for example, also use it to order something from a webshop or rent a movie online.


When you purchase a PaySafeCard, you’ll notice you can choose between different amounts to top up the card. You can, for example, purchase a card of 10 euro, but you can also opt for a higher amount, such as 25 euro, 50 euro or 100 euro. On the card or receipt you get, you will find a code that consists of sixteen characters.

The code is most important to carry out financial transactions as you need to enter it during checkout. If you don’t know how much credit is on your card, then you always request your balance online.. If you become a regular user of this payment method, you can also decide to open a personal account. This allows you to top up your balance online and make payments by logging in with a username and password.


PaySafeCard also has a smartphone application that is very easy to use. You can use the PaySafeCard app, for example, to discover where the nearest sales outlet is located. You can also check your balance and see your previous transactions.