Most people already know about Maestro in some way or another, because the Maestro logo can be found on millions (if not billions) of bank cards. Today, the debit card can be used practically anywhere, so it is no longer necessary to have cash on hand. This option is less convenient to Dutch players who want to deposit money at an online casino because Maestro isn’t widely used in the country. However, it is available in many other European countries, including Belgium, France, the United Kingdom and Germany. Maestro is based on 12-digit account numbers, which aren’t issued by Dutch banks.


Maestro is actually a debit card service from Mastercard and offers you the opportunity to make payments or to withdraw money whereby the money is directly debited from a linked checking account. Maestro is known worldwide, but its features differ in certain parts of the world. In the EU and a number of other countries, Maestro is used as a debit card and in many other countries a comparison can be made with Visa Electron, which is also often used to make online payments.


Fortunately, there’s an indirect way that allows Dutch players to use their card to deposit money to their player account in the online casino. This is possible if they have a debit card that features the Maestro logo and can use internet banking with the linked bank account. If this is the case, they can use iDEAL and have to select this payment method during checkout in the online casino. So at least there’s that possibility. However, we would simply recommend you to choose another option as long as Dutch banks do not offer the possibility to make online payments directly via Maestro.


In countries such as Belgium, where it is possible to make online payments using Maestro, this payment method works sublime. The Maestro card has to be used in combination with a unique code and offers just as much security as a PIN code would be used to pay in a physical store. After activating the card, the bank sends you an authentication device in the form of, for example, a Digipass or personal card reader.
You need this device to authorize the transaction. The unique code is called SecureCode, which is a system from Maestro that allows you to safely transfer money to your account. Every time you want to deposit money, you need the card reader or Digipass to generate a unique code for the transaction. Without this code, the transaction cannot be completed.