American Express is a practical payment method that can be used to deposit money to your account at online casinos. In order to use American Express, you must have an American Express powered credit card in your possession. This payment method is not only useful to make online payments, because it can also be used for many other purposes. Shopping online, hotel accommodations and restaurant visits are just a few of the possibilities.


American Express offers all kinds of credit cards. This way, you can always find a card that best suits your personal and financial situation. The offer includes a Blue Card, Green Card, Gold Card, Gold Card Premium and Platinum Card. If you would like to use American Express to transfer money to your player account at an online casino, then you can request a credit card online. Incidentally, there are several advantages linked to this card, as there is a reward program that allows you to save up for various prizes. The annual fee per card varies and you can, among other things, choose a credit card based on your annual income.


There are several online casinos that offer the opportunity to top up your balance by using American Express. As with all other payment methods, you can select the desired payment method during checkout in the cashier section. Then you need to fill in the desired amount and enter the details of the payment card, such as the number, expiry date and CVC code that you can find on the back of the card. American Express is a reliable, trusted payment provider. This means that your data is protected. An additional advantage is that you can start gambling right away after the transaction has been completed.


Your deposit is immediately added to your balance, but the amount isn’t deducted from the bank account that is linked to your card right away. With American Express, the amounts that have been spent are deducted periodically. You can find the exact date or time interval in the conditions of the agreement you have signed. This is something you should take into account as you may think at some point that you have more money left than you actually do, and we don’t want you to run into any surprises along the way. We therefore recommend you to keep track of your expenses if you decide to transfer money to your account using American Express (or any other credit card in that regard). If you are lucky and win money, then that is of course less important.