Gambling halls from Holland

In the Netherlands you can go to various cities to blacjack, rouletten, pokerand or other table games. However, this is only possible at Holland Casino. For other games you can go to many more places. The Netherlands has many gambling halls where you can play on slots or machines for real money. Blackjack en Roulette is also possible here, but then against the computer instead of a croupier or dealer. On this page we will briefly tell you about the different gambling halls that there are in the Netherlands.

Krijco Casino
With gambling halls in Amersfoort, Bussum, Den Bosch, Deventer, Harderwijk, Roermond, Rotterdan, Sint Jan, Utrecht and Zeist in Krijco one of the larger gambling halls in the Netherlands. The Krijco casinos always look great and they even have separate smoking areas where you can play. At Krijco you will find a wide range of slots and other computers that you can play against. These cool gambling halls also have a number of jackpots that are worthwhile. Read more about Krijco Casino here.

Flash Casino
Flash casino currently has 20 establishmentsingen in the Netherlands. In Apeldoorn they even have two. One at Arnhemseweg and one at Beekpark in Apeldoorn. These gambling halls from Flash Casino are not only suitable as a gambling hall, because you can also eat out well. This makes your evening just that little bit more fun and fun. They also regularly have fun promotions such as [email protected] and they regularly play a game of Bingo at different locations. This ensures a nice variation in the evenings. Flash Casino's prevention policy is very good, because all establishingen are in contact with each other. As a result, people who misbehave are quickly excluded everywhere. Read more about Flash Casino here.

Jacks Casino
With 28 gambling halls, Jack's Casino is well represented in the Netherlands. Jack's Casino also has a number of establishmentsingen in Van Der Valk Hotels. In this way you can enjoy good food in an evening, gamble in the luxurious gambling halls and sleep in a luxurious bedroom by Van Der Valk. Each month has an attractive agenda for each location. For example, in February 2016 there was a nice promotion in Jack's Casino Assen. If someone in one of the gambling halls in Assen managed to win a jackpot, everyone won it at that time. Quite fun, because your chances of winning increase enormously. Unfortunately, there was no jackpot in that month. Do you want to know more about Jack's Casino? Then you can read our extensive review Jack's Casino here.

Fairplay Casino
FairPlay Casino currently has 39 official gambling halls in the Netherlands. This makes FairPlay Casino the largest gambling empire in the Netherlands. Almost every gambling hall is open from early morning to late evening. From 10:00 AM to 03:00 AM. Except on Sundays, they close at 00:00. The minimum age to enter and gamble is 21 at Fairplay. The entrance is free and if you regularly visit one of the gambling halls of Fairplay Casino, it is advisable to take a player pass. In this way you save credits that can be exchanged for play credits. More information about Fairplay Casino can be found on this page.

Casino Number One
Casino number one is located in Apeldoorn and therefore the smallest of the gambling halls that we describe here. The gambling hall has 120 slots, is open 7 days a week and has a total area of ​​400m2 full of slots. The accessibility of this gambling hall is very good, because it is located next to the central station in Apeldoorn. The look of this casino is very cool with beautiful lighting and a cool setup. We had a great time here. Casino number one is also a sponsor of the well-known football club Go Ahead Eagles. Do you want to know more about it? Click here and read more about Casino Number One.

Low-threshold character

A casino gambling hall has an accessible character. It's different that you really go out for one branch of Holland Casino or that you just step into a gambling hall. In the larger places in the Netherlands there are always several of these betting spots. The entrance is often open in terms of design, so you can enter very easily. There is therefore a low-threshold character. For example, if you are walking through the center without a specific goal or if you have been shopping and you pass a slot machine arigt that quickly out to just walk in. Of course you have to be fun to gamble, otherwise the chances are that you will continue.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are, of course, advantages and disadvantages associated with visiting an arcade with slot machines. The advantage is the low threshold. Moreover, you can gamble with low amounts. In addition, visitors are often treated to a free snack and drink. There is also plenty of choice of different slots and slot machines to take a gamble, so that there is still some variety. Moreover, you do not have to be dressed properly and there are always several gambling halls in large places where you can play. Those are the many benefits of visiting an arcade.

Where advantages can be mentioned, there are of course also disadvantages. The maximum profit is limited in comparison to visiting an online casino or branch of Holland Casino. Because there is a low threshold, it is also more likely that you will visit the gambling hall more often than desired. This will only be the case for a limited number of players, but the risk of developing a gambling addiction is somewhat higher. Furthermore, the game selection is certainly more limited compared to what you get in a online casino finds.


The ambiance is as you have in mind the atmosphere will be. That is mainly an atmosphere in which the sound of tinkling slots comes out. There is not really an optimal casino experience and some form of entertainment is missing. If you attach little or no value to an atmospheric ambiance but are purely for gambling, then a gambling hall is certainly a great place to enjoy yourself.

All gambling halls in the Netherlands have so-called house rules that are usually clearly visible to visitors. The rules may include identification. If you visit an arcade with slot machines, you may be asked for your identification. For example to determine whether you meet the age limit to be allowed to enter to gamble. Rules can also be given with regard to bringing your own drinks or food. This is usually not allowed. If you are planning to visit a slot machine arcade, you can always first check what the house rules of the relevant gambling hall are. Then you will at least know what is and is not allowed and you can gamble in a relaxed way.

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Casino Number One
  • Based in Apeldoorn
  • No alcohol
  • Lots of fun slots!
Jacks Casino
Jacks Casino
  • 28 establishingen
  • No Admission Payment!
  • Lots of actions and promotions
Flash Casino
Flash Casino
  • +20 establishingen in NL!
  • Drink & Entrance Free
  • Nice events!
Fairplay Casino
Fair Play Casino
  • More than 40 casinos!
  • Lots of slot machines!
  • Special jackpot promotions
Holland Casino Eindhoven
Holland Casino Eindhoven
  • Parking under Casino
  • Lots of choice of slot machines!
  • Nice Events!
Holland Casino Nijmegen
  • Central Location!
  • Versatile range of games!
  • Special Events!
Holland Casino Amsterdam
  • Cozy Nightlife Area!
  • Regularly Pokertournaments!
  • Multiple Arrangements!
Holland Casino Rotterdam
  • Opposite Station!
  • Nice Events!
  • Wide range of games!
Holland Casino Scheveningen
  • Ligt on the coast!
  • Monday All you can eat Buffet!
  • Theme evenings!
Holland Casino Venlo
  • Located on Autoweg!
  • Open kitchen!
  • Free Entrance with Reservation!
Holland Casino Schiphol-Airport
  • Gambling before your flight!
  • No Restaurant
  • Free entrance!
Holland Casino Breda
  • One of the largest in Europe!
  • Varied game selection!
  • Long history
Holland Casino Utrecht
  • Parking next to the Casino!
  • Free WIFI!
  • Nice Events!
Holland Casino Leeuwarden
  • Hotel package!
  • Free parking!
  • Wide range of games!
Holland Casino Groningen
  • Parking next to the Casino!
  • Choose from many games!
  • Special Events!
Holland Casino Enschede
  • Parking under Casino!
  • Nice Events!
  • Exclusive games!
Holland Casino Zandvoort
  • Live Entertainment!
  • Wide choice of games
  • Lying on Boulevard!
Holland Casino Valkenburg
  • Parking Under Casino!
  • Large range of games!
  • On top of the Cauberg!
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