Casino bonus wagering: how does it actually work?

Casino bonus wagering: how does it actually work?

Hoppa! You have it within that brilliant casino bonus. A 100 percent deposit bonus, 50 free spins, a no deposit bonus, whatever it is: your play money is suddenly increased considerably. Nice, but then there appear to be 'wagering requirements' attached to it. In other words, wagering conditions. How does wagering work? And how do you have the best chance of completing the wagering?

What is Wagering?

Wagering it is number of times you have to wager your bonus money before your received bonus turns into real money, that you can cash out. Yes, we get it, that still sounds vague, but we'll explain it step by step.

Wagering is used by an online casino to prevent you from being able to pay out the bonus super fast. Of course they don't want to just give away their money. They want to reward you with a nice bonus, but in the end just earn money. Logical. With a wagering bonus they give you free money, but they make it a challenge to actually earn it.

Types of bonus wagering

Every online casino has its own bonus conditions. That means that the wagering conditions also differ per casino. At some online casinos you have to wager your bonus 25 times, at most between 30 and 40 times and at others 50 times. It is smart to see which casinos have attractive conditions.

Different per bonus

In addition, the wagering often also differs per bonus. If you get free play money, the wagering is often higher than with a deposit or welcome bonus. In addition, some casinos have attractive wagering for loyal players. The longer you play at a casino, the less often you have to play your bonus around. Again: take a closer look at the bonus conditions of online casinos and choose the best casino for your wishes.

Top 10 Wagering Casinos

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Yes, but how does wagering work?

Okay, after this brief background of bonus wagering, we are finally going to explain how wagering works. As we said before, wagering is it number of times you have to wager your bonus money before your bonus turns into real money. But what about that?

Playing around

Suppose you get a 10 euro bonus in one online casino, with a wager of 30 times. Then this means that you have to pay 300 euros Bet before you can pay out that 10 euros. Of course you don't have to do that in one go, but every spin on a video slot, or a chip on the roulettetable counts. Suppose you do a 1 euro spin on a slot, the bonus money is released after 300 spins.

Winning is necessary

To get the wager you have to be very lucky, because with 10 euros you cannot spin 300 spins of 1 euro. That's why you have to win to get your wager. Suppose you suddenly win 80 euros after two spins. Then you can bet 80 euros again. Only 220 euros to go. If you win 40 euros immediately afterwards, you have another 40 euros to bet. Only 180 euros to go.

Do you keep on winning, or do you win a lot in one go? Then you can easily complete the 300 euros. Did you reach the 300 euros? Then the money that remains is completely yours and no more bonus money. You can cash it out now.

How do you know when you have finished waddling?

Most reputable casinos have a bar in the menu that shows exactly how far your bonus wagering has progressed. Should this not be the case, or can you not find it? Always ask in the Live Chat of your online casino.

What should you really pay attention to?

We cannot emphasize it often enough: take a good look at a casino's bonus terms and conditions. Just as wagering (25X, 30X, 50X) differs per online casino, this also applies to, for example, maximum bets or excluded games.

Maximum bet

Most online casinos have a maximum bet for wagering. Often this is 5 or 6 euros per spin. They do this because otherwise you could easily win above the required wager amount with one spin. And then of course it becomes too easy to clear a bonus.

Excluded games

Most casinos exclude some games from wagering a bonus. Think of video slots with extremely high RTP (Return to Player) or that have an extremely high profit potential. In addition, Live Casino games such as roulette of blackjack often excluded or they only count for 25% in the wagering. So pay attention to this.

If you break the terms

Imagine for a moment that you played for hours to complete your wagering and ended up with a big profit on your balance. And then the casino says: 'unfortunately you have not adhered to the conditions, the money will not be paid out'. There is almost no worse. And believe us, it happens every day. And the casinos are fully within their rights. So always read the conditions or if in doubt ask the Live Chat for an explanation.

The best way to complete the wager

Of course, there is no real way to always beat the wager. The most important thing is a good dose of luck. Still, there are two tactics you can follow: the cautious and the risky.

Cautious tactic

Make sure you have one thing: time. Choose low stakes and casino games that pay out often, but less high. This way you can keep playing quietly and slowly but surely complete the wager. And if you are very lucky you also win a huge amount with a low bet. You can always increase the bet afterwards.

Risky tactics

Make sure you two dingen have: balls. Preferably made of steel. The risky tactic is the all-or-nothing method. The idea behind this is: the bonus was received for free, so why not take maximum risk? Well… What you do with this tactic is immediately go for a high bet on risky games. For example, do you immediately get a big bonus game? Or a huge profit on the roulettetable? Then you're done and the wager is a breeze to accomplish.

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