Age check in an online casino

Age check in an online casino

It has been clear for some time that the online casino world in the Netherlands is not standing still. The watchdog, which supervises everything that has to do with gambling, is also on the move. The Gaming Authority (KSA) is responsible in the Netherlands for everything related to gambling, including online gambling. This part requires a lot of time and energy for KSA, given that a completely new legislation regarding online gambling is imminent! Online casinos may be licensed by mid-2021ingen applications to offer remote games of chance.

Priority criteria of the KSA

The KSA sees the current online offer as illegal. This also means that enforcement has to be done. Unfortunately for KSA, online gambling is now quite normal in the Netherlands and there are therefore many Dutch online casino players. This means that enforcement is difficult for KSA. Because players will most likely search for other online casinos where they CAN gamble online. That is why the KSA has drawn up “prioritization criteria” and this will guide enforcement. The criteria state, among other things, that the KSA can take enforcement action more quickly if:

  • The online casino iDeal offers.
  • The casino is available in Dutch.
  • Contains too many Dutch elements (such as clogs, windmills, cheese etc etc)
  • Is offered on a .nl domain.
  • The name of the casino is in Dutch (like Polder, Crown, Orange, Amsterdam)
  • Advertises through Dutch channels.

These criteria will be expanded from 1 January 2020. This means for many (new) online casino players that something will change. The KSA requires that the online casino performs an age check before anyone can and can access his / her account play for real money in the casino.

This means not only entering an age, but also verifying this age by means of an ID card, Passport or Driving license.

Age Verification Software

Fortunately, there is already software available to perform age verification quickly and safely. iDin is the best-known example of this in the Netherlands. iDin was created to identify you online through your bank. This means that you can quickly log in anywhere without having to remember usernames and passwords.

Currently iDin is also widely used for other purposes. Think of an online beverage store. This liquor store must also be 100% sure that the buyer is the right age to buy alcohol. This can therefore be done via iDin. See the video below:

For online casinos is iDin this is the solution to check age before they can play. But iDin is a typical Dutch product. In fact, iDin is a sister organization of iDeal and part of Currence Holding BV Whether online casinos can use iDin is therefore still the question.

Pay 'n Play Casinos

The latest trend in online casinos is of course Pay 'n Play! Basically, all your data is already verified by Trustly at your bank. This actually comes down to the same thing. You do not have to create an account anymore. You can read exactly how a Pay 'n Play Casino works here! You can also visit a Pay 'n Play Casino; think of Speedy Casino, Pronto Casino of No Account Casino.

Perhaps several online casinos will introduce Pay 'n Play with this criterion.

Frequently asked questions about the age check

The KSA came on December 5, 2019 with the news that this criterion will take effect on January 1, 2020! Whether all online casinos will comply with this is not yet clear.

No, if the casino wants to adhere to the KSA prioritization criteria, then your age must be checked first and only then can you access your account and play for real money.

This is of course a bit of waiting. There are systems on the market, such as iDin, with which you can have your age checked quickly, easily and safely. Whether online casinos may apply this system in the question.

This criterion applies to every online casino, including the Pay 'n Play Casinos. The advantage is that the Pay 'n Play Casino has already checked your age through Trustly. If you don't have an account at a Pay 'n Play Casino yet, click here!

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