5 times the most fun online blackjack spell

5 times the most fun online blackjack spell

Online blackjack you come across in many shapes and sizes in the many online casinos that the internet has. Many manufacturers of online casino games all bring their own blackjack variant on the market. Try with each his own yet there are only a few that are actually played in large numbers by the casino visitors. One of the providers that has been head and shoulders above it for years is Evolution Gaming. A playmaker who has worked hard in recent years and with games like Lightning Roulette en Crazy Time has only strengthened this dominance position. These game shows offer a whole new casino experience.

Still, one of the most popular games remains the one that may have started it all, Blackjack. The game with a rich history of which several versions have emerged about the origin of the game. Also Online Blackjack has moved with the times and has gotten some nice variations of Evolution Gaming. The five best are listed below by us.

1. Infinite Blackjack

One of the currently most played blackjack games are very popular with us. Never again the problem of having to wait to sit at your favorite table. With Infinite Blackjack there is always room at the table. The speed with which each hand can be played also makes for a pleasant experience. In addition, the game also offers the option of FOUR sidebets and the casino also pays out when the 6th card is received. You can find a full description and explanation in our Infinite Blackjack review

1 Logo Infinite Blackjack Infinite BlackjackPlay Infinite Blackjack! Play now!
2 Logo Power Blackjack Power BlackjackPlay now Power Blackjack Play now!
3 Logo Live Speed Blackjack Live Speed BlackjackPlay now Live Speed Blackjack Play now!
4 Logo Blackjack Party Blackjack PartyPlay now Blackjack Party Play now!

2. Power Blackjack

Seems a little like Infinite Blackjack but there is still a significant difference. Bee Power Blackjack you CAN split. When splitting similar cards, the voltage always becomes mega great. This also doubles your bet per split, which can also increase the profit. The disadvantage is of course that the losses can also increase. The adrenaline that is released during the splitting is reason enough Power Blackjack is number 2 in this list. A side note to this variant is that cards 9 and 10 have been removed from the game. Know more about Power Blackjack?.

3. Live Speed Blackjack

Rapido, rapido, this one blackjack variant continues at a killer pace. Hand after hand, the cards are turned over and discarded. Whereby it at blackjack it is normal to wait your turn, it finally pays to let us know what you want early on. Whoever calls first will also be served first. This means you never have to wait for lingering fellow players who can get the pace out. This variant is not relaxing, more for the player with little time or little patience this will offer a nice solution. Of course we have Speed Blackjack previously examined. View our extensive Live Speed Blackjack review.

4. Blackjack Party

One of the most popular blackjack games at the moment Blackjack Party. And it is certainly a party. With a very sparkling decor than what you are used to from online blackjack, a croupier with a dazzling outfit and a table where pink felt was chosen. In the online casinos you will only find 1 table with Party in the lobby Blackjack. This is therefore always occupied. Whether it is Friday evening or Monday morning. Because of this, the effect of 'Bet Behind' is also great. If it is your turn and this choice is yours, do not be alarmed if just 100 people play on your hand. Especially after a series of winning hands, your popularity in this table increases quickly. The accompanying chat also sometimes gets out of hand. A variant in which it is clearly not only about profit but also interactivity is central. A maximum of 500 blackjack players join this table, and you will be surprised, but at peak times it is often full.

5. Free Bet Blackjack

Don't be fooled by the name, not everything about this online blackjack game is free. Only a split or a double can be free with the right combination of cards. Of course, this comes at a price that the casino wants to win back elsewhere. The dealer pushes when getting 22. Which means that once the dealer's cards add up to 22 you get your bet back, no one wins, no one loses, provided you are not broken yet. This can sometimes be frustrating as soon as you just have that nice hand. Or just continued with a lot of doubts and with a bit of luck still managed to reach 20. Nevertheless, the free bets add such an extra to the game that it lands in 5th place on our list.

The best online casinos to blackjack to play

Are you sitting after reading all these blackjack variants also eager to discover for yourself which variant will be at the top of your list? Then view this list the top 5 online casinos to get online blackjack to play. All fun and beautiful casino where you can easily play on both desktop and mobile.

1 Logo Avalon 78 Casino Avalon 78 Casino€ 250 Bonus + 150 Free Spins Play now!
2 Logo Betamo CasinoBetamo Casino€ 300 Bonus + 150 Free Spins Play now!
3 Logo Casino Friday Casino Friday€ 200 Bonus + 200 Free Spins Play now!
4 Logo Spinia Casino Spinia Casino€ 250 Bonus + 50 Free Spins Play now!
5 Logo Cookie Casino Cookie Casino€ 200 bonus + 220 Free Spins Play now!

Live Blackjack in 2021

Of course it would be nicest if we were the Dutch Blackjack dealers go back to the online casino. Perhaps with the regulation that should take place in 2021 for the Dutch gambling market, this is also one of the possibilities. We are therefore looking forward to the new year and hope to see a great casino change in 2021ingen to see. We may see existing online casinos such as Gslot Casino of Nitro Casino smart response for the Dutch gambler. Which online casino in 2021 dominant on the market of course remains the question for us. Of course it will Holland Casino online to be a major player who is committed to winning the online market.

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