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Online casinos April 2021
€ 300 Bonus + 150 Free Spins
Star 4.2
  • Win a Lamborghini!
  • 14 game providers
€ 500 Bonus + 130 Free Spins
Star 4.1
  • VIP Program!
  • 13 game providers
€ 200 Bonus + 200 Free Spins
Star 4.2
  • Beautiful Casino!
  • 58 game providers
€ 250 Bonus + 150 Free Spins
Star 3.0
  • Up to 7% Cashback!
  • 12 game providers
€ 200 bonus + 220 Free Spins
Star 4.3
  • Nice VIP Program!
  • 13 game providers

Casino Reviews

The team of visits and plays in a real money casino to find out how the casino works. We play different games and do a lot of checks on the reliability of the casino. This is all reflected in our reviews, so you always play in a familiar environment. Click below to go to our casino reviews.
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The 2021 online casinos are giving away a lot of bonuses, but this is not the same as free money. Many online casino players think this is the case! In the reviews of the various online casinos, we always give you an explanation of the relevant bonuses and the associated conditions. Often the bonus money has to be played a number of times. Read more about that in the link below!
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Casino games

In an online casino you can often find a huge range of casino games. Think of games like video slots, blackjack of roulette. The video slots are often available in large numbers. regularly plays on video slots and reviews the game. This way you will quickly find out how the game works and / whether it is a game that suits your needs. Check the link for our game reviews!
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Casino news

Of course we want to keep up to date with what is going on in the online and offline casino world. The team of does its very best to keep you up-to-date with all the latest casino news. In our casino news section you will regularly find new promotions from online casinos or important news regarding the new regulations in the Netherlands.
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The best online casinos at Voordeelcasino

Voordeelcasino is the place where the best online casinos are collected. Here are honest assessmentsingen and objective testing preceded. An extensive review is therefore available for each online casino. That is not the only thing, because there is a lot more that you can use. For example, check the games reviews or play directly on one of the most popular or newest video slots. Also discover interesting casino news as well as the entertaining and informative Top Lists. Take advantage of to have a super time in the best online casino. The best online casinos offer the very best in games, bonuses, deposit options and loyalty programs. Voordeelcasino therefore has an overview of the best casinos samset. See what else we have to offer below.

Casino reviews with honest assessment

The casino reviews are very valuable to take as a starting point and to play in the best online casino. The team of test every online casino in practice to reflect the facts on it basis of the personal experience. That is the only way in which a reliable casino review is established. In each review you can find information about the license, game selection, bonuses, deposit options and other features. This way you get a good impression as a player. You can get on with that basis from the review to decide to visit the online casino. And to play with real money in the casino. Do that via to take advantage of a welcome bonus directly. The welcome bonus usually consists of bonus money, but is often combined with free spins to play on video slots. Three online casinos that we will recommend are for example MegaRush Casino, Lucky Days and check out the new ones GSlot Casino review.

This is how our team tests online casinos

The guarantee of a reliable online casino rating comes from our personal experience. We believe that you can only make a reliable judgment if you have experienced the experience yourself. That is why the team reports Voordeelcasino first register in the online casinos to give the assessment from your own experience. For example, a deposit takes place and the team plays on different casino games. Visiting the live casino is part of the test, as is contacting customer service. Obviously provides Voordeelcasino also in objective information about bonuses and software providers. This unique way of testing guarantees objective first-hand casino reviews.

Unreliable casinos are blacklisted by us

If our team notices during testing that there are doubts about a particular online casino, it is not recommended to gamble there. It still happens that there are online casinos that do not take fairness so seriously. Therefore it is an advantage Voordeelcasino perform extensive testing. With this we separate the bad online casinos from the best online casinos. It is not intended that players end up at an unreliable online casino or encounter casino scams. In the menu with other reviews, the casinos can be found on the blacklist.

Casino decision aid for the best online casino
We offer a handy help for players who have certain preferences for gambling in an online casino. This provides extra convenience to find the best online casino. It is possible to select criteria. For example, by specifying a preference for a deposit method, such as online casino iDeal. Or PayPal, bitcoin or Trustly. There will then be an overview of online casinos that are tailored to the chosen criteria. This is also possible with the choice of casino software or different types of bonuses. Just go to the casino choice guide and see what is possible. With the presented provider you can also click directly for more information about the online casino.

Games reviews down to the last detail

The team of Voordeelcasino also has extensive reviews available with regard to games. Again, these casino games have been extensively tested. What is also unique is that the games reviews pay attention to all details. You can read what the volatility is, but also how high the RTP is and what the minimum bet is. In addition to these details, you will discover whether the game has free spins and find out how the bonus game works. The game reviews are for information, but it is also possible to play casino games directly.

Welcome Bonus via Voordeelcasino

There are all kinds of casino bonuses, but the first bonus is a welcome bonus. You qualify for this if you use visit an online casino. In the rest of the offer with casino bonuses all kinds can be distinguished. It is important that you know what the difference is and what the bonus conditions are. On you will find all information about casino bonuses in the casino reviews. Moreover, our team has already done preliminary work to introduce you to the most attractive bonuses. Visit the best online casino to score that top bonus as a welcome bonus. It is immediately clear what the welcome bonus is for new players. The bonus for new players is always attractive with free money and often with free spins. Check out the casino reviews to find out what other bonuses the online casinos have to offer, such as:

Also everything about gambling halls
Holland Casino is best known in the Netherlands, but did you know that there are many more gambling halls. There are players who not only enjoy gambling online, but also do so in a physical gambling hall. That is why we offer you extensive information about the popular gambling halls in the Netherlands, such as with our Jacks Casino review. Take a look at the gambling halls and you will see that there are gambling halls all over the country. We also provide the best information with these reviews. Simply because you might like to visit a casino in real life.

Best of all in the Top Lists

Op you discover the best and the best of everything. For example the best online blackjack spell and what the top 5 best Pay N Play casinos are. There are special Top Lists for this samset. In addition to the informative aspect, these lists have an entertainment content.

Top 10 best online casino sites:

  1. Mason Slots (The best offer in the live casino)
  2. MegaRush Casino (An online casino with fast payoutsingen)
  3. Nitro Casino (The fastest Pay 'n Play Casino)
  4. Casino Friday (Beautiful game offer)
  5. Betchan Casino (A casino where many players have already become happy)
  6. Whamoo Casino (A unique concept for the casino bonus)
  7. SlotV Casino (The highest bonus of € 3000)
  8. Gslot Casino (Best newcomer on
  9. GoSlotty (Good Pay 'n Play Casino)
  10. Turbico Casino (Nice newcomer from 2021)

Latest casino news
There is always something happening and it is never boring when you enter the casino world online. Voordeelcasino is on top of everything and if there is news to report, you will hear from us immediately. We have a special section with casino news available. All kinds of news items can be found there. Is it not about online casinos, legislation, gambling tax or news from Voordeelcasino self. In any case, you will always be kept informed of the latest developmentingen that are important to mention. Therefore, if you visit more often, check the news section regularly.

Online casino Netherlands: Remote Gambling Act

The Remote Gambling Act (effective from 1 March 2021) makes online gambling legal in the Netherlands. Of course you will find in the open market for online gambling at Voordeelcasino of course online casinos licensed by the Ksa. These will soon be Dutch online casinos, but also casinos from abroad. There is plenty of choice from reliable online casinos as well as from the largest online casinos. Voordeelcasino ensures that everyone can choose the best online casino.

Holland Casino online: major competitor or not?
Holland Casino is of course number 1 in the Netherlands in the world of land-based casinos. The question is whether that will also be the case with Holland Casino online. It is of course a reliable institute and there is a good chance that many players in the Netherlands will register with Holland Casino online. This already seems to have a solid competitive position. However, it is also the case that there are many more online casinos that have years of experience in this branch.

First prove it
This gives the current online casinos with a Dutch gaming license an advantage. For example when it comes to attracting new players, handing out bonuses, deposit options and quick payoutsingen. Holland Casino online definitely attracts players, but so do other online casinos. It is also the question where you feel at home as a player. It is not for nothing that there are so many providers active, each with its own design, approach and, last but not least, unique game offer. Holland Casino online is a newcomer and must first prove itself again.

iDIN online casino: discover the IDIN check

There is one age limit for online gambling. In the Netherlands you must be at least 18 years old to participate in online games of chance. If you open an account, an age check will follow. Use for this online casinos include the iDIN check. That is a verification method to check the age. By performing the check you demonstrate that you are 18 years or older. The verification process is based on the online banking method and therefore via your own bank. You log in with the means that you use for internet banking. With the confirmation of the data and after the agreement, the information arrives at the online casino. Important to know that this is not a payment transaction. The iDIN casino is only about checking the age to open an account.

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More great online casinos

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Freespins icon 170 free spins
Casino Friday
Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star
Bonus icon Up to € 200
Freespins icon 200 free spins
Mason Slots
Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star
Bonus icon Up to € 200
Freespins icon 50 free spins

Frequently asked questions about an online casino

If you are going to gamble online for the first time, you naturally want to know the ins and outs. For example, how to open an account and whether it is always necessary. Or how you deposit money in a safe way and what the best online casino is. The answer to all these questions can be found here. A list of frequently asked questions has been drawn up for this, so that you are well prepared to gamble in an online casino. Incidentally, it is useful to know that casinos provide an FAQ themselves. For example when it comes to available payment options, bonuses, wagering conditions and the account. That is why you do not have to immediately approach customer service with questions. The general questions and answers are directly available via the FAQ of the online casino.

Click on 'Play now' if you find the best online casino for you discovered. You will then be taken directly to the login window to open an account. Then fill in the requested information and go through the rest of the registration process. This is followed by a confirmation of the account and then you make a deposit via the payment method of your preference.

Yes, there are several options for playing without an account. In the online casino list that we present, there are several Pay N Play casinos included. For example Nitro Casino where you deposit money without an account to gamble immediately.

After checking the casino review of Voordeelcasino from the online casino of your choice you can be sure that it is safe to deposit money. For example in an online casino with iDeal or with another payment method like Trustly, bitcoin or PayPal.

Video slots, card games, table games, live casino games and much more. Live Blackjack, live roulette en baccarat are available as standard. The live casino also offers these games and often all kinds of game shows and live poker. It is also possible to bet on sports with certain providers. Today, providers use multiple providers that provide casino software. That makes the range and variation in games really huge. In fact, there are so many that you can't manage to play them all.

That is very simple. Use our casino selection tool to select the best online casino for you. If several appear in the online casino list, make a comparison. Check the casino reviews or select an online casino basis of the welcome bonus.

The best casino in 2021 is the casino that suits you best. Reliability, safety and fair play are of course paramount. The decision aid guides you to the best online casino for you basis of your preferences. In our opinion, there is not just one number one as the best online casino. There are several and carefully selected and presented by us

It is reliable to gamble online if you use the information on it Just read the casino reviews to find out what the reliability is like. Consult the available information and select via Voordeelcasino a reliable online casino. Please note, we report online casinos that are on the wrong list or black list. If you see such a warning, stay away from it.

Every online casino reports the presence of a license. This shows which authority in which country issued the license. It is also possible to use our decision aid on basYou can see the available casinos of licenses. For example with a license in Malta or with a UK license.

The best paying online casino can be explained in two ways. Which casino pays out the fastest and which casino pays out the most. The fastest are the providers who process your request for payment the same day and process it. However, it depends on the payment option what the term is that you receive the money. Skrill and Neteller, for example, are fast and a credit card is just a bit slower. By the way, it is known that Pay N Play casinos of the fast payout. When it comes to which casino pays out the most, there is no clear answer to that. If there is a million jackpot, the casino pays out a lot of money, but that is a one-time large profit. Check the game reviews for volatility and RTP to find good paying games.

In 2021, online casino licenses will be available in the Netherlands for the first time. The Gaming Authority issues the first Dutch licenseingen in the second half of the year. The gambling market is not expected to open for online casinos in the Netherlands until the last quarter of 2021.

If you are 17 years old, you are not allowed to gamble yet. This is only allowed if you are 18 or older. Age verification takes place. The way differs. Nowadays there is often talk of online casino iDIN. This means that you have your age verified through your online banking system. It is also possible that the online casino asks you to send a copy of your ID. For example with a request for payment. This also allows the age to be checked.

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